How Our Futures Depend On How We Focus On The Present

There I was, seated on top of a hill, overlooking the surrounding terrain, as the mist headed my way. My friends grappled with the GoPro to capture our magical moments of peaceful abundance of nature surrounding us. I watched them and began to take out my iPhone to capture more silly moments.

At this point, I realized it was about more than seizing the experience we were facing; we became more involved in getting the picture for our records than being present.

I was lucky to catch myself in this realization, and got everyone (including myself) to put away the cameras. We all just sat, secured in the fresh air, appreciating the sounds of the hills and the breathtaking view that surrounded us — a moment of stillness, calm and presence.

We live in an era of relentless recording, where we document everything from every point of view and overwhelm our thoughts about what has happened in the past or what might happen in the future.

Yet, one of the major paradoxes in life is that in order to accomplish your future how you want, you have to be present and learn.

But, most of us do not. Often, we let our present moments slip away and allow time to rush past us. When we are at work, we dream about being away on a holiday somewhere or traveling the world. When we are on vacation, we worry about what we have to do back at home.

Just like monkeys, our minds swing from thought to thought, with no room to breathe in and breathe out for even a minute of time. Why? Our thoughts control us. Life throws a million lemons your way and your thoughts consume them in unexpected ways.

However, in order for us to find a balance that evades us, we must step out, rest in stillness and focus on just being present. While doing so, you are in a state of being active, open and attentive.

Such a state makes you realize you’re not your thoughts, but rather, merely an observer of them. This will give you a better perception of how to handle things that come your way.

Basically, loosen up. There is absolutely no point in fretting about everything and everyone. There is only so much you can control. So, just live in the moment the best way you can. Each time you do, you improve this idea of living and being.

According to a major Harvard study on mental well-being that included 2250 volunteers, people are much happier if they are focused on being in the moment.

Particularly while having sex (no surprise) or doing an activity of enjoyment, people are much happier and relaxed. So, have sex more often.

The study also found that people spend nearly half their time (46.7 percent) thinking about something other than what they are and what they're actually doing.

Yes, religious and philosophical perceptions of why we do things exist and are valid, but there are numerous scientific studies on the importance of being alive and present to living a fulfilling life.

So, start living and stop conceptualizing. As we grow older, our sense of time becomes more about how we perceive it than how we sense it. Therefore, as we age, this process evolves more deeply, making time seem to fly by much faster.

So, don’t forget to sense time. Feel your senses; breathe and be present.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It