8 Reasons Why You Should Live Out Of A Suitcase At Least Once In Your Life

Traveling, and living out of a suitcase, is probably the one thing that every person on the entire planet ought to do at least once. There are so many benefits, especially psychological, that not doing so is really only causing you harm.

No one wants to live out of a suitcase forever – well, not most people anyhow – but spending a sliver of your life traveling away from what you know and what you find regular, and instead living out of a box with wheels, will change your life forever.

There are plenty of reasons to live out of a suitcase. Here are a few of them:

Living out of a suitcase teaches you the difference between necessity and triviality.

Most of the things you own, you don’t need. Because they are things. We need little in our lives, but feel an urge to have as much as possible. I sometimes wonder if it’s a part of human nature or the nature of the sort of societies we’ve created.

Regardless, we have more than we need and often having that much hurts us – usually we don’t even realize how. Living with much less than you are used to helps you understand what things you can and can’t live without.

It helps build a more minimalistic lifestyle.

The fewer things you own, the less you use and consume, the lighter you feel – quite literally. When you are living from a suitcase, moving from place to place, and only carrying enough to live off, you begin to see a certain beauty in it all.

Not needing is, in a sense, a beautiful thing; it’s contentment in its simplest form. Owning less and using less, living a more minimalistic lifestyle, will show you a side of yourself you didn’t know existed.

It forces you to live without feeling like you have a home to call your own.

Surely, most people don't want to feel like they don’t have a home, a place where they can feel comfortable and safe. Nevertheless, feeling such a way at least once in your life is important.

Human beings have a difficulty understanding the magnitude of certain things without experiencing their exact opposite. Having no place to call your own – a place to really call home – will allow you to better appreciate your home when you do have one.

Living out of a suitcase helps you focus more on the rest of the world and other areas of your life.

The less you have, the less you have to worry about. The less you have to worry or think about, the more time you have to think about other things – more important things... such as yourself, the world around you, the people you come into contact with, global happenings and the global populace, and even the secrets of the universe.

Such things may not interest you, but if that’s the case, then you should probably ask: Why not? These are the things that really matter.

It makes you feel more alive as it removes you from your comfort zone.

Living out of a suitcase is, by no means, a comfort. It can be difficult to find things. It can be difficult to find clean things. And it certainly doesn’t allow for any extra convenience.

What it does do, however, is remove you from the surroundings you are used to and removes you from your comfort zone. It forces you to live a life unlike the one you are worth living, and that is an experience we should all have

As living out of a suitcase usually means you are living away from family and maybe even friends, it forces you to meet new people and forge new friendships.

If you are living out of a suitcase, then I believe it’s safe to say you aren’t living in a spacious, luxurious, especially comfortable living quarters.

Chances are that you aren’t going to be hanging around much, but leaving your quarters and exploring whatever city you may be in. This allows you to meet some incredibly interesting people, as well as soak up some culture.

Not feeling grounded in a single place makes getting up and relocating a cinch.

People get too comfortable too often. This has to do with a lot of things, but one thing for certain is that remaining static in a single location for your entire life isn’t the best life decision. You should explore this planet and its inhabitants because it’s your right to do so.

However, when we get too comfortable, we get lethargic. Living out of a suitcase makes travel easy and less frightening because you’re already set to go. Plus, your level of comfort won’t suffer because you’re already living out of a box.

It will help you appreciate the people already in your life.

Sometimes we need to get away from wherever we are. Sometimes our lives are a bit too much for us to handle and we feel the need to do some soul-searching and exploring. So we pack up and leave.

The beauty of traveling and living out of your suitcase is that it separates the important from the unimportant – especially when it comes to the people in your life.

Most people you won’t miss, but those you do, you will likely miss a whole lot. It can be easy to forget how much people mean to us… living out of a suitcase helps remind us.

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