Reverse The Curse: 11 Ways Rejection Is Actually A Blessing In Disguise

by kmapanao

We are not foreign to rejection, or more specifically, to how it feels to be rejected. Ever since we were little, we've experienced it — from the moment our parents didn't let us go to that birthday party to the time we were first stood up. We have all experienced rejection, and it will continue to happen.

Have you ever felt that everything was falling into place perfectly, when suddenly, you got rejected and didn't know why? All throughout the succeeding days and nights of your life, you thought about where you went wrong and what you did wrong?

Then, you hated yourself for not bagging that perfect opportunity of a lifetime (as you described it)?

Well, rejection incorporates two opposing sides regarding how it affects you, not at the moment, but in the long run. Rejection is painful, but at times, we can turn something painful into something wonderful.

Here is how rejection can push you from bitter to better:

1. You can give yourself time to grieve

Grieving eases pain, since we channel our emotional loss to physical forms. Once we get exhausted from grieving, some of the pain eases out of us. Rejection can be a good reason to grieve, so upon getting rejected, why not grieve for all other frustrations we harbor?

It also is an ideal opportunity to let out all negatives, so there is nothing but full-on positivity remaining afterward. Once there is no pain, there is no reason not to be happy.

2. Early detection is key

Incompetence and mistakes are like diseases: The earlier the detection, the better. This means that it is easier for us to cure the bad habits, the wrongdoings and the faults, since our failings will not have yet outgrown us.

Also, it provides more time to be better since the bad things were detected early.

3. See yourself from a different perspective

Will your ever-supportive mom tell you that you dance like you have two left feet? Will your best friend tell you that your ideas are boring and uninteresting? Probably not.

Rejection forces you to examine yourself critically. It will provide you with the chance to get unbiased opinions of yourself and your performances, since this person, who rejected you, is not personally, emotionally or socially attached to you.

4. Look at the world from a different perspective

You were so busy focusing on things you wanted to attain that you forgot to see the world from a different perspective. Well, the world has a lot of goals that someone like you can accomplish.

Sometimes, rejection has an effect that allows us to see beyond unattained goals in question. Surprisingly, these things can be simpler and far more beneficial for us. It may be just under our noses, but we are often too busy dealing with things that just won't happen.

5. Opportunity to discover avenues more suitable for you

If you cannot do ballet, maybe you can do hip-hop.

There are a lot of things we are capable of doing; it is up to us to nurture our talents. Rejection is not easy, yet it allows us to see that we are capable of better things. Have faith in yourself that if something doesn't work, something else will.

6. Time to develop or practice things at which you are not so great

Of course, we aim to develop what we lack so that we can perfectly accomplish our goals. The earlier you detect a weakness, the earlier you can find a cure to perform optimally.

7. Makeover: the looks, the brain and the talent

This is the perfect time to do a makeover to not only improve your looks, but also lift your spirits. Confidence is essential to success because how we feel inside reflects our outer performance.

8. You can learn how to be competitive, in a POSITIVE way

Rejection teaches us to be competitive, but hopefully, in a positive way. Not wanting to get rejected repeatedly drives us to do everything in our power to find success.

Healthy competition is indeed healthy, since it brings the best of every person to chase a common goal.

9. Optimism will become your best friend

Optimism is one of the best companions to rejections, as it forces us to see the better and brighter side of life, even if things don't currently seem so bright.

Once positive thoughts run through our veins and nerve endings, we will move on and look for other opportunities after which to chase.

10. It can help you find your true friends

Quite frankly, not all people whom we call "friends" are genuine when it comes to friendship. Some like us for what we are, rather than whom we are. The moment you feel most down, those who are truly there for you, through both the smooth and rough times, come to light.

True friends will be glad to be with you throughout your happiest days of success, and they will also be by your side to comfort you during the tough times. Like stars, they will shine on the darkest nights of your life.

11. Rejection will teach you the opposite of itself: acceptance

Rejection must be swallowed in order to move forward. Ironically, rejection teaches us to accept that sometimes, life neither gives us what we want nor the easy way out.

Acceptance of rejection is not a sign of weakness, but rather, one of strength. It's difficult to accept rejection and negativity in yourself, but being able to do so allows you to see your level of maturity.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It