7 Ways To Pull Yourself Out Of Any Slump Like A Boss

by Sheila Amir

So, things didn't go as planned — again. You keep setting goals and not following through. It’s a frustrating feeling, and that same frustration in turn fuels the behavior.

A viscous defeated cycle is well underway. Continually, there is another missed opportunity, event you didn’t attend and failure in place of accomplishment.

You’re feeling pretty low about yourself. Worse, it seems like everyone thinks that you’re a flake. At this point you’ve worn a hole in the crotch of your lounging pants, everyone is on your last nerve and you chronically feel guilty. You're the lamest guest at your one-person pity party.

We’ve all been there; every last one of us has walked this path. The truth is, everyone has lost motivation and gone through low moments.

Well, it's time to pull on your bootstraps and turn things around.

First, Acknowledge There Is A Problem

Not everyone in your world is a complete nincompoop treating you poorly. Sure your boss is a two-faced, selfish idiot, but you’ve always known that. He’s not out to get you, that's just who he is.

It’s not your job to pass judgment on others; you are your job. When you show up every day and do a good job, there is no time to judge.

It is okay to observe and recognize the behaviors of people. In fact, it’s wise and important to do so; but observe, don’t judge.

Acknowledge if you’re guilty of the same behaviors and then stop. You’re not karma, nor your higher-power homeboy. Stop being almighty and get back to the work of being you.

Make amends when necessary. Own it and move forward with good intentions and gratitude.

Recognize Problems. Seek Solutions.

You recognize that you’re not where you want to be or doing what you want to do; you’re owning up to what you want to change for the better.

You don’t want to be like your lying, selfish boss, so slap on your honesty pants and fess up where you need to. Be mindful; sometimes, coming clean on a lie is for you, not the other person.

Think about that before you throw back three shots of truth serum and make a few jumbled texts. Part of your job is deciphering how to best handle your sh*t.

Try a simple exercise. You’ll need a piece of paper (or more) and a pen. On the left side of the paper, make a list of personal things you want to address. Then, draw an arrow to the right side of the paper and pose some solutions.

For example, for poor time management, set a timer in your phone for tasks. Actually, use the planner, record how long it actually takes to complete tasks and schedule your life accordingly. All that's left is taking action.

Be Clichéd And Fake It Until You Make It

Get out there with a smile on your face and start faking it until you make it. Rise and grind and proudly walk out the door tomorrow morning at 5 am like it’s the norm and you love it. You eat success for breakfast; breathe excellence and crap out the doubts of others.

You’re Awesome McAwesometon and you always have been. Update your social media status that it feels great to be up in the morning to enjoy the quiet hours reserved for the determined.

Then, get to getting. Run up those office stairs Rocky Balboa style, throw up your victory arms and walk into the office with Drizzy Drake swagger — or something along those lines.

Faking it until you make it has proven to be one hell of a model for success. The best way to get to where you want to be is to act like you are already there.

Rappers go platinum spitting rhymes about the exaggerations they made on their previous albums. They faked it while we made them the millionaires they already claimed to be.

Aspire to be a writer? Start introducing yourself as one. Write something — anything — to validate that claim. Fitness buff to be? One go at the gym and you’ll be walking the hurt walk of a pro.

A simple way to prove to yourself the ol’ fake-it-'til-you-make-it theology works is to fake happy for one day. Walk around for an entire day smiling with your head held high, giving high fives and greeting everyone you see.

No matter what happens during the day, make it a rule that you have to smile, hold your head high and kindly greet everyone — no exceptions.

By the end of the day, you’ll have great news pouring in, a few new numbers in your phone and you'll be feeling two feet taller.

Make It Right

If there's anyone you have wronged, it’s on you to make it right and accept that not everyone will forgive you. There will be some symbolic, possibly literal, crotch blows. Don’t avoid them; take them like a champ.

You and your life will be the better for it. Avoidance hasn’t worked out for you. Address the issues head-on, with tact and honesty. It’s hard, but it’s freeing.

Speak Only Of What You Have Done

Everyone is guilty of talking about what he or she “will do,” “should do” or “wants to do.” These are the things that will become, “ I have always wanted to...”

Vow to speak only of things that you “have done.” Continually returning to this makes you a person of your word and further encourages you to do the things you truly want to do.

Next time you catch yourself talking about how you want to lose weight or take up a competitive sport, come back to this.

What have you done to help you accomplish this goal? What could you do in the very near future so you can soon speak of your accomplishments?

Stop Trying To Be Cool

We lose days to self-defined failures instead of pursuing our dream jobs, making gains or getting your dream guy or girl because we fear how we’ll look if we fail. The truth is, there’s Justin Timberlake and there’s the rest of us. He’s cool and we’re not. Deal.

Stop giving a sh*t what the world thinks. You’re not JT and no one expects you to be. Panties of the world cannot handle two JTs. Still, anyone who's busy judging you is not doing his or her job to be who he or she is. That's not your problem.

Write and submit an article for publication. Dress for success while putting in another day toward building an empire. Walk into your dream job like a boss and drop off your résumé for consideration.

Who cares if the job doesn’t exist? The impression you just created does exist. On your way home, take that Pilates class you've always thought of trying. You can boast about the burn to your dream girl when you finally talk to her.

Bring It Full Circle

Slumps happen, as do bouts of being awesome. Poco a poco va a lejos — figure out what that means and get on it. Map out your game plan.

Set out your finest threads, hold your head high, smile and practice honesty. Hustle, but stay humble. You’re your job so stop showing up late, checking out early and half-assing the hours between.