7 Steps To Realizing You're Totally Worth It All And Owning It

by Josh Fletcher

Insecurity is something we all have in common.

What appears “perfect” from the outside will be an accumulation of self-doubt and uncertainty.

Even those who appear most confident and outgoing will have insecurities of some sort.

Self-criticism is brilliant; it pushes us to be the best possible version of ourselves we can be, but when criticism leads to us feeling incapable or unworthy, it's important we remind ourselves of just how magnificent we are.

We spend our whole lives being knocked down, corrected, disciplined and rejected.

Whether this be in work, in our relationships or even in friendships, sometimes, we never quite make the cut.

If you're reading this post, I'm almost certain there's something about yourself you hate.

Maybe there's something you want to do but think you can't or you'll have ideas and plans you know you will never have the confidence or means to materialize.

Ultimately, if you don’t realize your worth or believe in yourself, who will?

Here’s a seven-step guide to help you realize just how much you’re worth:

Step 1: Make a change

If you don’t like something, change it. If you hate your job and the repercussions of decisions you've made and money you've invested, ultimately, you have two options.

You can do something about it or continue to be unhappy. This may leave you at a loss, but you’re about to gain.

Even if you’re physically tied down or restricted in some way that makes it physically impossible for you to make a significant change, you can always make a small change.

You’re worth more than having to settle.

Step 2: Embrace rejection

F*ck rejection, it's a horrible thing. Why was I not good enough? What is the point in trying any more? If you were rejected, embrace that rejection.

You were not right for that particular job, relationship or situation, but you will be the perfect fit for another. Use that rejection to achieve.

Step 3: Quit moaning

Moaning gets you nowhere. You get up, you moan you’re tired, you moan you actually had to get up in the first place, you moan you missed breakfast, you moan you hate your job, you moan you don’t have plans for that evening, you moan, moan, moan.

Your life is worth more than becoming a series of day-to-day moans.

If you spend less time moaning and more time doing something to change the aspects of life you’re unhappy with, you’ll be a lot happier.

Step 4: Fall in love with what is right

Instead of focusing on your insecurities and what’s wrong, fall in love with what is right. We all fall victim to social judgment; it is a subconscious action that occurs in every single one of us in some way.

But, stop living in fear of judgment, raise two middle fingers to the judgers and do what makes you happy.

You are worth more than living in fear of judgment. Focus on everything right with your life, the good things you’re surrounded by and the achievements you’ve already made.

Break down social norms, quit conforming and realize that your happiness and enjoyment of life outweigh anything society may deem to be “unacceptable.”

Step 5: Say, "I can"

You spend your day saying, “I can’t” or “I couldn’t possibly,” but why can’t you? Quit your moaning, quit your negativity and do what you want with your life. Achieve your goals and fulfill your ambitions.

In work, question your role, your impact and your contribution to that company or organization. Are you valued? Do they value your worth? What are your strengths?

Realize your worth and what you bring. You'll gain confidence. You'll feel like you're a lot more capable and will ultimately have more success when you're self-doubt diminishes.

You know that one thing you have always wanted to do? Do it. Make it happen, no excuses.

Step 6: Ditch the sh*t

People won't always have your back and you won't always be loved or respected, but this does not mean you're not worthy of love or respect. It just means you haven't found the right person.

You will probably, at some point, be strung along and played by someone.

If you're caught up in what someone sees as a game, is this really worth your time or energy?

Keep your head high and let them play their games because you are worth more.

You're in control of how you feel; you're the one who decides who attains your time, so choose wisely.

Step 7: Stop comparing

We are all completely different and our individual achievements are all personal.

We spend too much time making comparisons about why we aren't at the same level or have not achieved the same as our peers. This comparison is irrelevant.

You can grow and develop at your own pace. You're in charge of pushing yourself, you're in charge of choosing to settle and you're in charge of choosing your outlook on things.

You may have had years of "bad luck" that have made you feel incapable of achieving what you want, crushed your confidence or self-esteem and left you feeling like you're not worthy of anything better.

But, it is up to you how you choose to respond.

You can wallow in self-pity or you can realize your worth and make the most of the situation and experience.

You can be defeated and accept failure or you can realize your worth and win.