5 Reasons Why The World Is Filled With Wantrepreneurs

by Jeet Banerjee

I absolutely hate going to networking events and getting caught up in conversations with wantrepreneurs.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about helping people start up with their ideas, but there are far too many wantrepreneurs in the world today.

I attribute my success to one main thing: the fact that I took massive action when I had a big idea. Without that simple skill, I wouldn't have sold a business, started numerous others, delivered a TEDx speech and found my life's true passion.

The problem is, the world will continue to be filled with wantrepreneurs unless certain things change. Here are five reasons why the world is filled with wantrepreneurs:

1. They Care About What Others Think

Over the past few years, I learned something crucial: If people don't think your ideas are crazy, step back and reflect for a moment. If they do think your ideas are crazy, that's great! Go right ahead with them.

Wantrepreneurs struggle to jump in because they're constantly worried about what others will think. Oftentimes, entrepreneurs have to tough it out on their own to get results. Understand that every person is entitled to his or her opinions, but also realize that one person's word shouldn't change your course of action.

2. They Make Excuses

I recently had the unbelievable opportunity to deliver a TEDx talk on something that had bugged me for quite some time. I knew people who had massive dreams, but only a few were actually doing anything to fulfill them.

I decided to ask people about their dreams and why they didn't pursue them. You can view the talk here.

The bottom line was that people make excuses — wantrepreneurs, especially. They really want to get started, but convince themselves to use excuses as to why now isn't the best time to dive in.

No money, no time, no experience and all the other excuses are truly just bullsh*t. Let's be realistic here: Those issues rarely ever go away.

3. Scared Of Failing

One of my favorite quotes is, "Doubt and fear kill more dreams than failure ever will." When you sit there with a billion-dollar idea, it's worth absolutely nothing unless you do something with it.

The worst regret one can have isn't failing — it's failing to try. Think of the possibilities and the amazing journey you can have if you just try.

Too many people are too afraid to be labeled as failures; they would rather play it safe than take risks, which leaves us with a large number of wantrepreneurs.

4. They Don't Want It Badly Enough

Why do you do what you do? For me, it's simple. I love having the creative control and freedom that I didn't have when I worked at traditional jobs.

By becoming an entrepreneur, I quickly realized my primary purpose was to solve problems, reduce pains and create value in the world through my businesses.

You need to have a “why” in order to figure out the “how.” Even if your “why” is money, it's absolutely okay. You just need to hone in on specific goals before getting started. Once you want it badly enough, taking action will become an absolute necessity.

5. They're Too Comfortable

Change and comfort are two variables that rarely ever go hand-in-hand. You can either be comfortable and refuse change or you can change and not be comfortable.

Becoming an entrepreneur is extremely uncomfortable. You'll have sleepless nights, lots of fast food and high levels of uncertainty that fill up your life. However, the satisfaction of success outweighs all of those small obstacles.

Being an entrepreneur isn't easy. However, if you're a wantrepreneur who is serious about starting up a business, you'll need to overcome the preceding five barriers.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr