4 Reasons Why Not Having It All Figured Out Doesn't Make You A F*ckup

by Sierra Paige Dennis

I’m not sure where I want to go in life, and I’ve concluded it’s okay.

When I was a little girl, I always swore that by the time I was 23, I would be a successful individual with a huge bank account and a lavish life, but the reality is, that's not me at all.

It’s taken me five years to finish school; I moved out of my parents’ house three months ago, and I have yet to find someone who wants to marry me.

Honestly, I’m fine with where I am in life. Some may look at me and see someone who's amazing and others may look at me and see a failure. But, what matters is what I see when I look at me.

Comparing and contrasting your life to a Facebook post from a peer who appears to have it all together is too common. We give ourselves timelines that ultimately don’t matter as long as we make it to where we want to be.

I’ve learned to embrace the path of self-discovery and I try to learn from it.

So, what exactly have I discovered on my path to figuring it all out?

Comfortable Vs. Complacent

The world is constantly changing. Friends come and go, relationships strengthen or wither away, and this is life.

I’ve been told if you’re comfortable with where you are, then you need to switch something up. Being happy with what’s going on is one thing, but being complacent is another.

In a world where things are constantly evolving, it is vital to keep rolling with it. If we stayed in our safe zones, we would never get to feel the real sensation of accomplishment.

The reason I’m not established is because I’m not done achieving what I need in order to get to where I’m headed.

Don’t let the fact that you haven’t reached the destination keep you from getting there.

It Makes Life Interesting

Yes, I have a job — a pretty good one, in fact. Yes, I have a plan, but I’ve come to realize my mind is forever changing.

I know the one thing I want to do forever is write, but I question what exactly I want to do with it. Should I finish my book? Move to New York and become a starving artist?

I’ve been presented with some pretty crazy opportunities on my path.

Never feel bad for questioning yourself when it comes to what you want to do. If life were a straight and narrow line like we we’re made to believe it is, how fun would it be?

The journey makes life a hell of a lot more interesting.

Get To Know Yourself

For a while, when someone asked me about me, I never quite knew what to say. It wasn’t until I had to start talking to myself that I realized I wasn’t doing things for me, but for others.

When you’re on the road to self-discovery, you sometimes have to walk it alone. No one else matters but you when you're figuring out your life.

What makes me smile? What pisses me off? These answers can only come from one person: me.

In order to be good in life, you must first figure out how to be good to yourself.

Time Will Tell All

Have you ever been in love, but the relationship somehow ended and you felt life was over? Now look at you. You’re probably doing way better.

In time, everything typically falls into place. We rush time like we can predict the future. Stop and remember, time tells all.

Give yourself time to develop yourself, and don’t rush the process. Eventually, you will discover what you need to do in order to be exactly where you want. Trust yourself and believe in everything you are.

If you truly want something, in time, you will make it happen.