3 Reasons Why Every Successful Person Learns The Practice Of Patience


Every year, we learn new things about ourselves, our lives and the world. One trait I learned and practiced this year was patience. Patience really can save relationships, money and health. And, one quality I truly admire in older generations is the amount of patience they tend to have in life.

Patience is likely to take you much further in life than anxiety or the constant worry about something that may never be meant to be yours.

We are a generation of “chasers”; we chase success, money, love and happiness. Exposure to youth, beauty and wealth through social media and other sources gives us anxiety and fault regarding what we need to be truly happy.

Practicing patience develops harmony within us, clarifies our desires and shows what's necessary to do in order to find individual happiness. Patience is luxurious; it is not easy to develop, but it is surely worth having. It makes life much easier and enjoyable. Here are three reasons why you should practice patience in your everyday life:

1. Patience develops quality in a character

In today's world, people crave instant attention, affection, recognition and self-assurance. For some reason, this generation confuses quantity with quality — even though the differences are pretty simple to recognize.

One of the causes for such confusion is that social media holds high importance among members of our generation and perpetuates an impatience for hard work and self-improvement.

Patience helps to develop quality by improving character. By being patient, you let the work do its job; you build a character, strong-willed character. You become better, stronger and wiser. You know when to be silent and when to speak up. You become a luxurious art piece that creates more value in the long run.

2. Patience lets you observe situations, which leads to confidently making good choices

I’ve noticed that successful people have a tendency to observe situations before jumping to conclusions or making impulsive decisions. They take their time; they don’t rush things worth having. By being patient and taking time, they can observe and analyze, which leads to confident decision-making.

Confident people take time to learn ins and outs, which can benefit relationships. Before deciding if a person is the one, you observe it. You practice patience with this particular person simply because you love him or her and you want the best result in your relationship.

Therefore, in order to score, you must be sure the ball is in your court, so you patiently wait until the ball is passed to you.

3. Patience improves your ability to accept and tolerate situations

People who patiently wait have greater chances of understanding or garnering the ability to create the possibility for something better to happen. Patience will always turn obstacles — even a rejection or failure — in your favor.

Let me explain: Imagine you graduated from college, you found a job that pays your bills and everything seems fine, but, of course, you know something is missing. You want to devote your life to a career, not just a job. Therefore, you start updating your résumé, sending out applications and networking.

Unless you get really lucky, the replies for which you are waiting will take a while or you will not get any at all. It will drive you crazy. This is obviously frustrating, and you may feel like the situation is hopeless.

Well, patient people tend to accept the situation, let go of expectations and move forward while still planning their next moves. Basically, they don’t focus on their failures; instead, they move on and create different possibilities that will ultimately benefit them, no matter what.

Photo Courtesy: Russ and Reyn