We Can't Always Get What We Want, But Millennials Can... And Will

"Gen Y is so not with it." Blah, blah, blah.

Millennials are constantly reminded we’re just riding the coattails of our parents. We aren’t making the world better but are, in fact, standing stagnate, not getting anything done.

We've consistently gotten a bad rep from older generations. We’re "lazy," a group guided by peak narcissism and "all talk and no game."

To Gen X, we’re all bark and no bite; we’re all about talking about what we want, without ever doing anything about it.

The thing is; this just isn’t the case. We are the ones changing the world.

As much as we’re tagged the “Me, Me, Me” generation, is this so wrong? The Me, Me, Mes are actually working towards a better future for Us, Us, Us.

We may be talkers, but it doesn't mean we aren't doers, too. We are making valuable changes for each other and the world. We'll get what we want because we aren't afraid to go after it with all we have.

Other generations were never able to get as far as we will. Gen X and the Baby Boomers all wanted more time off, better benefits and flexible work schedules. Instead, Millennials will glean these benefits because we’re the ones pushing for progress and cashing in on it accordingly.

Check us out, Mom and Dad. We are worth our weight, after all.

We bring more value to our work environments.

If there is one thing we are, it's needed. We're digitally literate, and we know how to bring it. You know why we're making changes? Because we are NOT expendable.

You say we "can't do our own taxes," but can y'all HTML code?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly one-half of the workforce is made up by Millennials. Companies understand the need to appease its workers, and its workers are, not surprisingly, Millennials. Gen Y is most equipped to thrive in the digital age.

According to Fortune, “As digital natives, Millennials can bring considerable value to work environments in the midst of a digital revolution.”

Our resources are endless. We have the entire Internet to explore. We’re adept at cultivating a wealth of knowledge far beyond our predecessors.

We are learning new things every day.

As Fortune iterates: “As the business landscape becomes more interconnected and complex, businesses would be well served to leverage and promote the technological and human resources that enable strong collaboration and interactions in decision-making.”

Who better to serve and leverage than those who are fluent in all things digital? Yep. Watch out. We're coming for your jobs with a vengeance.

We want more time off, and we want it unlimited.

More and more companies are hopping on the bandwagon idea of “discretionary vacation days.” We don't want fourteen days. We want endless days.

According to CNN Money: “The idea: Treat salaried employees as ‘responsible, trustworthy adults’ who know what's expected of them and who deliver results.”

If there's something all Millennials desire, it’s the opportunity to have more paid time off. We value our independence greatly and cherish opportunities to travel and expand our horizons.

We're not just good at hard partying. We’re a generation of explorers. We're a collective group of travelers.

With 53.3 million Millennials in the workforce, it’s crucial for employers create a workplace that caters to their employees. Make us happy, we'll get the work finished. Plain and simple.

We get our work done. We don’t need a babysitter. We need trust and freedom and the opportunity to live our lives. Holla!

We’re far more likely to live abroad and gain international experience.

Research suggests people who've lived or worked abroad are more innovative, creative and entrepreneurial.

With our generation’s focus on travel, it’s no wonder we reap the benefits of our experiences overseas back home in the workplace.

To us, travel is not something to put off; it’s something to embrace and invest in.

According to The Atlantic: “The UN attributes that growth both to rising incomes in emerging markets and a commitment by youth in advanced economies to ‘continue traveling despite economic uncertainty.’”

We're not worried about the economy because, what are you really even waiting for?

We’re trading in five-star resorts for trips with a more meaningful impact on our lives. We’re trying to go abroad to learn.

The Atlantic continues, “They are spending less time in “major gateway cities” and instead exploring more remote destinations, staying in hostels instead of hotels, and choosing long-term backpacking trips instead of two-week jaunts.”

We refuse to leave our passports untouched just because we’re supposed to "settle down" and "get regular jobs." We’d rather go abroad and gather experience. We’re the generation who sees the value in our need to travel.

Our personal lives matter to us -- and they should matter to our employers, too.

Millennials are looking for better work-life balance. We’re happy to work long hours and to work extremely hard to produce the best quality work possible. We understand having time outside of work is crucial to a healthy, comfortable life.

We’re not willing to sit around and be steamrolled by our employers, giving up our freedom in exchange for corporate shackles.

I once worked at a stuffy corporate job that demanded I be on my BlackBerry 24 hours a day. I traded in a healthy salary for a dream at a start-up because my time is worth more than money.

I'd rather receive personal checks from my CEO than receive emails from a 50-year-old boss telling me he didn't think my pie chart incorporated the right shade of aqua. Hard-pass on that.

Gen Y is the generation who'll thrive in the workplace because we know what we want, and we aren’t afraid to ask for it. We see ourselves as irreplaceable assets.

We know where we want to work, how we want to work and when we want to work.

We need an environment that allows us an opportunity to thrive and to grow on our own terms.

And despite what others may say, the workplace is following suit. Get at me, corporate America.