Are You A Millennial Who Should Have Been A Baby Boomer?

Maja Topčagić

Have you ever felt more mature than your peers? Not just once or twice, but all the time? Do you feel only older people really understand you? Have you ever been told your view upon the world is unique for your age?

You are probably an old soul in a young body. You are always alone, and people of your age are pushing you outside their groups because your wisdom is simply beyond their understanding. There are many more struggles only an old soul in a young body is familiar with.

Sometimes, you feel the need to to conduct an antivirus scan and delete all those wise thoughts, in order to become just an average person. Unfortunately, this is not possible, so the only thing you can do is look at the struggles you face and have fun with them. Eventually, you will embrace your wisdom.

This post is dedicated to those who feel they are an old soul in a young body, and I hope their peers will take couple of moments to read this article and see what it's like to be different from those of your age.

Being one of these old souls in a young body, I know I always hoped for someone to unveil these "secrets" to my peers.

1. You are happy to be alone.

While all your peers enjoy clubbing and dancing away their nights in loud music, you prefer to be alone. This is partially because that loud music is making your bones ache, and partially because you don't consider it to be music.

An old soul trapped in a young body can understand the benefits of silence on the human brain, which is great for your health, but not so great for your social life. Being wiser than your peers doesn't mean you don't like music; it just means you like to enjoy it differently.

This is because you think of the weekend as the time for running errands and cleaning. Even more, after you finish everything, your loneliness is often shared with a book, which is a concept none of your same-aged friends can understand.

2. You don't fit with the young, but neither with the old.

The main struggle of those with an old soul in a young body is to find a group of friends who can understand them. When your wisdom is above the one of your peers, they simply can't understand you, and you will be alienated from them.

The simple solution would be to look for older people, but they only see your tender age, so they also alienate you, even before you get the chance to say something.

3. Your dating game is mission impossible.

When you have the mind of an older person, dating is even harder. When you find someone you like, you notice you can't share anything, except young bodies. This is a big problem.

However, if you try to date older people, they will only want your young body, minus the older mind, which makes everything fall apart. You are still looking for that special someone who will make you see the perks of dating someone older than you, without having to explain why a 20-something girl is not out hunting young boys.

4. Your young face is your biggest obstacle.

We all want to have wisdom above our minds -- that is, except those who have it. A young body becomes a huge obstacle in life, as people only see your age and label you as “inexperienced,” “immature” and so on.

You're never taken seriously. At a job, you're told you need to grow up in order to understand how things work; in your personal life, people always tell you “not to bother your little head with adult issues.” Unfortunately, your little head is able to understand all things adult, which gives birth to a lot of frustration.

5. Have fun trying to fit in.

An old soul in a young body is bound to be alone all the time. Growing up as the only person who can't understand why you have to skip the very important class in order to go to the pool is not an easy task. You will always be seen as the boring fellow, who ruins everyone's fun.

If you try to go with the flow, you need a lot of patience. An old soul in a young body has difficulties opening up to someone, but if you do it, you still run the risk of your peers never understanding you.

6. “Why are these people taking the hardest route?”

A wise person doesn't work hard, but smart. This is going to make you wonder why everyone your age is taking the hardest approach to any problem, instead of stopping, thinking and taking action. Your peers can't see each situation has multiple sides and multiple solutions; they only see one, which they take as the answer. And they always make you feel awful for failing to comply with their idea.

7. You may feel responsible for your peers.

Being wiser can make you feel responsible for your peers, who seem to have much more to learn. Just think of it: You are invited to a party and everyone gets drunk on cheap alcohol and then makes really bad decisions. Because you decided not to indulge, you are now the one trying to get everyone home safely. Sometimes, knowing more isn't very fun.

8. You can't get excited as easy as your peers.

One of the struggles of being an old soul in a young body is the inability to enjoy the same things your peers enjoy. You do like the idea of going to prom, but you can't get as excited as everyone else.

Your focus is more on college and your future. This means you won't go crazy over a prom dress, nor you will die if no one invites you to prom.

In the end, all those struggles are going to make you stronger. You don't share your peers' feelings, but you see everything in a different, more unique way. This gives you the chance to make better, wiser decisions. And if that isn't enough, when one of your friends comes to you for advice and then completely ignores it, you can sit back and say “I told you so!”

What better reward is there than that?