5 Men's Fashion Accounts That Will Give You Serious Style Inspo

Julien L. Balmer

Let's face it: 2016 has become the year of the dapper man.

With so many guys stepping up to the plate when it comes to grooming and personal style, it's no surprise their Instagram feeds are top-notch as well.

Here are five men's fashion accounts you'll want to follow on Instagram for style inspiration and beautiful aesthetics:

1. The Amateur Professional


When "Legally Blonde" was first released, Elle Woods proved to the world that lawyers can have some serious style. The same is true for the man behind The Amateur Professional — a lawyer, style influencer and brand ambassador — who has an Instagram account worthy of recognition.

Within his posts, you are guaranteed to find sophisticated #OOTD inspiration, full ensembles complete with shoes and accessories, as well as picturesque backgrounds featuring classic wooden backdrops or the great outdoors.

He also does a great job of incorporating elements of his day into his outfit posts, such as a Marvel mug from his morning coffee or a bottle of whiskey just in time for a summer BBQ.

2. Greg Rainbird


If you want to incorporate new patterns into your wardrobe (without going overboard), look no further than Greg Rainbird's colorful Instagram account. His photos feature outfits containing many basic elements, such as neutral-toned shirts and classic watches, with a mixture of fun patterns as well.

He has worn a wide assortment of patterned ties, such as polka dots, plaid, flowers and even anchors, so there is something for every personality. Plus, there are a few cute shots of him with his young son, who is a future style guru in the making.

3. Matt Hartman


Matt Hartman is a man of many talents when it comes to personal style, but one of his greatest skills is rocking color without looking like a coloring book.

He finds this balance by picking a simple color scheme for each outfit, using only two to three colors, and he coordinates the rest of the look appropriately in a perfectly polished manner.

As you glance at his photos, you will find plenty of variety and many variations on classic looks that are easy to adapt. His style extends beyond more than his outfits. He also offers lifestyle tips and shaving recommendations.

4. Mark David

@deathbeforedecaf In addition to having such a witty Instagram handle, Mark David has a feed worthy of his occupation as an art director in NYC. His account is a true treat for followers, with a combination of fashion, lifestyle, city landscapes and everything in between.

By including such a variety in his photos, he offers his followers a glimpse into his personal style beyond simply posting outfit photos alone. He also has a knack for highlighting particular elements of his ensemble that resonate with him, such as a trendy pair of shoes or a sleek tie.

In between all of the action happening within the shots, he often balances everything out with either a plain white or gray background.

5. Gio Serna


Just like Mark's account, Gio's offers plenty of variety. One photo might be an entire ensemble, but another could be a cup of coffee or an adorable photo with his fiance, while still looking dapper AF.

As a recent college graduate, Gio knows how to have fun, and his feed proves it with jumping photos and friends with ape masks. He also has a website called Dapper Apprentice to supplement the content in his feed, if you're looking for his travel recommendations and additional outfit details.

One thing is for certain: You'll instantly crave a trip to the West Coast after scrolling through his stunning feed.

Say goodbye to your Instagram rut, and click the “follow” button on these accounts for serious #stylegoals.