7 Reasons Marrying Young Actually Gives You More Personal Freedom

luke + mallory leasure

My husband and I got married at 20. Whoa, I know. But before you go and start thinking of why this was a bad decision, let me stop you there. I've not only heard it already, but I've also read enough about it in articles.

My argument for marrying young actually stems from watching all my single friends or my husband's co-workers who married older. I also have a number of friends who married young, and we all feel we're actually in a better place in our lives than our single counterparts.

By no means does this mean I'm hating or judging the single life. I'm just arguing that the decision we made to marry so young is actually working out really well for us. Here are seven reasons I'm glad I married young:

1. No Tinder

This new wave of dating apps like Tinder has made me and my husband glad the game is over for us. Have you seen those stories about the crazy match who won't leave you alone? What about those other crazy stories about dates that go horribly wrong? I hear of them way too often.

Plus, you never know what to expect with people on these apps. They can write and lie about almost anything on those things. My husband and I met at 13 when we were neighbors. We saw our true, uglier sides, and know that it only got better in our 20s and 30s.

2. Sex Life

Sure, living the single life means you get to have more partners, but it doesn't mean you have more sex than me and my husband. It also doesn't mean you have better quality of sex. Actually, recent studies are busting the myth that singles have more sex than married couples.

In addition, younger people are typically freakier in bed because they have more energy. What better way to make the most out of this than by being married young? Yes, you read that right. We are not only freaky, but are also comfortable enough with each other that we've reached a whole new level of experimentation. We also know what we do and don't like in bed, and we can spend more time doing the stuff we like.

3. Support And Friendship

Sure, everyone has supporting friends and family, but for us, nothing has been better support than each other. As partners, you are going through a journey together. Family and friends have their own things going on sometimes.

Not only that, but your 20s are a time full of stress and obstacles. My husband has been there to support me through my college career, and I've been there for him during his time in the military. This meant some crazy times for us, but we wouldn't know where we'd be without each other.

4. Flaky friends? No problem.

How many memes have you seen about people getting stood up? Well, here's another reason getting married young is great. If either one of us want to turn up and get crazy, we have each other to come along.

If we both planned going out, but we just aren't feeling it, then Netflix and chill it is. You can always change these plans. You can also plan other things and know that your other half can't flake.

5. Big moments happen together.

I like telling our friends about the time I was cheering him on at his graduation ceremony from basic military training when he was 21. We also love to talk about our crazy drunk stories from when we were 20 to 21, and we'll laugh at how dumb we were acting together.

We can also tell people about how he cheered me on at my graduation from college as well. We are there for the big moments in life.

What better way to spend those moments than with each other? We grew up together, and that's pretty cool.

6. Expectations aren't really there, so we are more satisfied.

We definitely do not have time to develop wedding, partner or life expectations that are grand like the movies. At 20, we had pretty low expectations, and believe it or not, this has made our lives a lot happier.

Without expectations, there's not much disappointment. We are writing our own journey instead of comparing it to what a typical journey should be. We also don't feel like we're not meeting certain goals. We chose to support each other, not to have this grand experience of love. I've never been happier.

7. Time is not a problem.

We won't hit 25 and worry that we need to marry people ASAP. We won't hit 30 and think we need to immediately have kids. We won't have these crazy notions about what age we're supposed to marry, and we won't stress if we're not there yet.

Now that we're married, we actually plan personal goals, and we've accomplished them. If it's not time for something, wait. We have plenty of time because we've had a head start. Think twice about getting married young. We've obtained a number of perks.