How To Rock A Music Festival, As Told By Malia Obama


At music festivals, you'll find an assortment of people... including, apparently, the president's daughter. This shouldn't be too surprising, though, as part of the magic of music festivals is that they bring people together from all walks of life for a good time.

Malia Obama was certainly having an amazing time at Lollapalooza, and we can definitely learn a thing or two from the way she tackled the event.

1. Bring the right friends.

In almost every photo of Malia at Lollapalooza, she's pictured with her girlfriends. They dance, laugh and have fun together.

Was going hard to @CASHMERECAT and then Secret Service and Malia Obama just pull up — Alex Lao (@alexanderlao) July 29, 2016

At music festivals, you need a handful of friends that you know will have a good time, no matter what. Naturally, you also want them to be on the same level as you are.

These friends should also be determined to stick together through massive crowds, sing the words to all the songs with you and, of course, document the epic times.

Because if there's no footage, did it even happen?

2. Dance like no one's watching.

There's nothing worse than going to a music festival and fixating on what other people think of you. Be fearless, and shake what your mama gave you.

You didn't pay a bunch of money to mercilessly critique yourself the entire time. You can easily do that at home: free of charge.

Malia absolutely danced like no one was watching, and she's the daughter of the man who runs the country. She has 24-hour surveillance every single day of her life. So really, what's your excuse?

Malia Obama turnt the hell up was twerking at Lollapalooza — Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) August 1, 2016

Every person is different, and so are dance moves. The good thing about music festivals is there's no protocol regarding how you're supposed to dance.

So, you just do it. In settings like these, your confident dance moves will encourage other people to do the same.

Before you know it, you'll be making friends and appearing in dozens of Snapchat stories.

3. Show some skin.

This can be taken both literally and figuratively. Music festivals give you the opportunity to wear that outfit you dreamed up after binge-watching all of the "Zenon" movies or obsessively surfing Pinterest. It's your chance to put aside the 9-to-5 clothes and wear something a little more unique.

High-waisted shorts are a festival favorite because they both keep you cool and are easy to get around in. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Malia, for example, wasn't afraid to flash a little extra skin at Lollapalooza. No pressure, though.

Malia Obama STRIPS DOWN To Tiny Crop Top At Lollapalooza #MaliaObama — Radar Online (@radar_online) July 30, 2016

4. Just go with it.

Whether this means going to a stage with a bigger crowd than you expected or listening to an artist you've never heard before, sometimes, you just have to go where the flow of the music festival takes you.

It's OK to have a plan and some organization, but winging it can yield some unexpected surprises. Sometimes, you experience things you never would have if you had stuck to a legit schedule.

Notice how Malia is always right in the center of things, and not nestled away in a corner with some not-so-Secret Service agents surrounding her.

Cashmere cat with Malia Obama today lmao — lexi (@lexidubb) July 29, 2016

Also, make an effort to chat with people. You'll be surprised to see how far some have traveled to be at the festival.

Going with the flow will get you way out of your comfort zone and into some awesome moments.

5. Forget the haters.

While music festivals have many perks, there are also a few downsides. Similar to the way Malia was the subject of disapproving headlines about her “twerking” and being “reckless,” you'll experience some negative reactions to your music festival fun as well.

The best thing to do in situations like these is just ignore it all. It sounds simple, but if an 18-year-old girl can continue to live her life after every moment of it makes headlines, you can easily do the same if someone leaves an annoying comment on your Facebook pic.

Don't let other people's negative outlook on music festivals discourage you from going. Everyone has the right to his or her own opinion, yes. But when it comes to hating on music festivals, people have either never gone or just had bad experiences... and that has nothing to do with you.

The world is your canvas, and a music festival might be just the shade of color you've been missing. In any case, it seems like things worked out that way for Malia.