Lifestyle — Male Writers Read Mean Comments Left On Female Co-Workers' Articles
by Claudia Fisher

Today, March 8, is International Women's Day, established to recognize female accomplishments and call attention to aspects of history that might be overlooked when we reflect through the more standard male lens.

It's also a time to address the continued existence of gender inequality and dissect pressures and trends in the male-female dynamic.

One trend particularly noticeable when you work at a website is the type of comments people leave under articles based on if the writer is a man or woman. It's not so shocking for female writers to scroll underneath their posts and see vulgar, violent or personal attacks.

Almost all of the women I work with who have written for Elite Daily have been called names or threatened, even on the more innocuous posts (someone called me a "c*nt" for a post I wrote about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris).

For guys, it's not as common to see things like this underneath their author bylines. Obviously, they get some mean comments too -- but we've noticed that those tend to focus more on the content than the individual.

So, we gave the men we work with a chance to see from their female peers' perspective. Their reactions say it all about what you can expect when you put yourself out there online as a man versus as a woman.

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