Get The F*ck Off Your Phone: A PSA To The Person Filming At The Club

Dear person waving your phone around like a fool:

We all know those people, the ones who go to an event or club for the mere sake of having people know that they were there. To those people — you know exactly who you are and, honestly, everyone else hates you.

I'm sure you know people feel this way, but you disregard it and continue to plague concerts everywhere, blocking people's views with your Snapchats and Instagram videos.

There are certain instances when I do appreciate this, like when I can't afford to attend a Beyoncé concert and your 120-second Snapchat story provides a hefty recap.

But honestly the only reason there isn't a problem with this in my eyes is because I'm not stuck standing behind you at the concert.

People these days simply go to events for the sake of saying they went, and to those people: Get the f*ck back in your house. What happened to going somewhere for the experience? Now people just go so they have something to post on social media.

Do those "likes" make you feel validated? Maybe you should invest in a shrink rather than an abundance of tickets.

Look at this photo captured by Moon Man Media at a recent show:

Is it impossible to actually enjoy the moment without feeling the need to videotape it? Do you realize how ridiculous you actually look?

And honestly — at what point in your day do you even want to relive these moments? Isn't the purpose of a special memory that it's YOURS not everyone else who can view your post?!

You think this photo is bad?! Check out another lovely shot of the crowd he captured at the same show:

IS THIS A F*CKING JOKE? You are literally at a concert, a venue for DANCING, not video-taping. Get your sh*t together or get off the premises. If only there were a law that could boot these people from the venue. Is there even one person dancing or not holding a phone?

Let's check out the scene on a night out. This is what you look like while you are posting your videos at the club:

I'm not even sure why people videotape what is happening inside a club because you can't even make out what the f*ck is even going on. Do you feel the need to show your friends what they're missing out on?

Do you even realize you are the one missing out and you're actually at the club? The only person who should be embarrassed is you, not your friend who decided to stay home.

You don't look cute while doing this, you look pathetic. Put your phone away and live a little. Don't you realize these are the people who are complaining that time is passing by too quickly? Maybe it's because you are spending your precious and valuable time with your eyes locked on your phone screen when you should be out creating intangible experiences.

You're welcome,

Everyone else