All New Friends: 7 Ways My Life Changed After My Crew Changed

by Ryan Rodal

They say you are the average sum of the five people you spend the most time with.

This means if the majority of the people you are closest to are unmotivated, complacent and stagnant, you likely are not far behind.

Only after ridding my own life of these people did I see life in a truly different manner.

This meant ditching a toxic workplace, relationship and even some friendships.

Whether it's relationships or friendships, you should choose wisely because the people you are around are likely reflections of your personality.

They say, "If you're the smartest person in the room, find a new room."

Striving to surround ourselves with people who are smarter or more successful is likely to rub off on us.

On the other hand, being in a toxic relationship or friendship may lead to drastically worse circumstances for you.

My life improved substantially when I chose to surround myself with positive people.

1. I started accomplishing goals.

Once I was able to rid myself of the negative energy in my life, I started setting goals and knocking them out, one after another.

Slowly but surely, goals were marked off my checklist until I finally had to start making new goals.

2. I stopped wasting time.

Looking back, so much time was wasted getting wasted.

The weekends were the same time after time, starting with beer pong and ending with gluttonous amounts of pizza.

While this was fun at the time, eventually, I began seeking more out of the life I was living.

No longer did I want to be involved with people who did not appreciate me or what I had to offer.

3. I started improving financially.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars monthly (or even weekly) on alcohol, expensive dinners and unwarranted gifts, I began investing in the most precious asset of all: myself.

I started taking certification courses, trainings and hell, even buying books.

Did you know the average cost of a drink at a popular bar is equivalent to the cost of most paperback books?

One helps you learn, while the other helps you forget.

4. I brought down barriers.

For several years, I was content living an average life with an average job, doing the average things most people in their mid-20s do.

However, by surrounding myself with successful, motivated individuals, I began to realize how much more I was capable of achieving in life.

No longer did I question my abilities or vitality.

5. I got rid of my limitations.

I used to believe the people who said limitations only exist within their minds were full of sh*t.

However, when I ditched the negativity and embraced the positivity, I was able to foster a new sense of self.

It brought down barriers and exceeded all expectations, including my own.

6. I became happier than ever.

Previously, I had a certain definition of happiness within my mind that I thought was unable to be matched or attained.

Only by going through some brief pitfalls and distress was I able to overcome it, reaching a level of success and happiness far beyond my wildest dreams.

7. I started telling negative people to f*ck off.

After being around negative people, you begin to garner a sense of wisdom and intuition that tells you to stay away from certain individuals.

Instead of providing a response to the negative people in your life, simply ignore them.

Your life will be made all the better.

Life is constantly moving and forever evolving.

There are many people who enter our lives, but few stay with us for extended periods of time.

Our time is limited on this planet.

So instead of wasting your time surrounding yourself with people who bring you down, focus on lifting others up.