Thou Shall Accept All: 10 Commandments For The LGBT Community To Live By

by Darren Bridges

Our generation has been lucky enough to see LGBT relationships and characters portrayed on television and in the media. From oldies like "Queer as Folk" to newbies like "Looking" and "The New Normal" (which were both sadly canceled), LGBT roles have taken over our big screens.

Same-sex relationships have been celebrated in beloved shows like "Pretty Little Liars," "Modern Family" and "Faking It," and people are gobbling it up. Millennials love to see diversity in their programs, and that is evident from the increase in shows with a diverse cast and characters.

Recently, there was even a huge Calvin Klein billboard, which included a gay couple, plastered in New York for everyone to see.

These characters are usually outspoken (yet funny), sexually crazed and loud. They have made us, as gay people, believe anything goes in our world. We tend to forget television is unrealistic and not something we should aspire to be.

In order to keep the drama away, we need to set some ground rules. Inspired by “Rachet Commandments” by Tink, here are 10 commandments for the LGBT community to live by.

1. Thou shall accept all LGBT members

I will freely admit I have spent my fair share of time on Grindr and Tinder looking for my future husband. It took me a while to realize those are not the places to look, but, hey, it was a lesson learned.

The most annoying thing I saw on a guy’s profile bio was “No fems, blacks or Asians.” I get you have a “type,” but is it really necessary to publicly exclude multiple groups? If you are that obliviously rude online, I can only imagine how ugly your personality is in person.

We, as a community, should be respectful and accept people for who they are. At the end of the day, it is what we all truly want.

2. Thou shall only spill T when absolutely necessary

Collect your ammunition to use against your enemies, but don’t put them on blast until you need to. There is no reason to start drama and stress yourself out. Keep your mouth shut until it is time to be bad.

Anyone who says gossip is useless has never understood the power it holds.

3. Thou shalt not covet your friend's significant other

It crosses every friend code ever made. Just don’t do it.

As you’ve probably heard, there are plenty of fish in the sea. Don’t go after the one that has already been caught.

4. Thou shalt educate the naïve and fearful

I believe some people discriminate and inflict hate upon the LGBT community because they just can’t comprehend the idea of homosexuality. Whether it was the way they were raised, their religion or just plain ignorance, they can’t seem to wrap their heads around people different than them.

Their naivety turns into fear, and then their fear is expressed through hatred. We should not rip them apart, physically or verbally, no matter how much they deserve it. We should re-educate them.

Remind them you are someone’s son, daughter or sibling. Show them there is nothing to fear, and we are just like everyone else (just more fabulous).

5. Thou shalt stand tall and sassy

By sassy, I mean confident. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are nothing. Keep your head held high, and strut your stuff throughout life.

6. Thou shalt not forsake pop icons

You may not be a big fan of pop music, but the majority of them have helped support the gay agenda. Their music has helped shape an accepting environment and has brought America to where it is today. They deserve a huge round of applause.

7. Thou shall strive to prove others wrong

Do you remember when they told you you couldn’t slay that solo for your choir performance? Well, you did. How about when they told you that you wouldn’t make it through college? You did that, too.

Now, they say you will never be successful. Get ready to prove them wrong, like you’ve done so many times before.

8. Thou shall not use derogatory terms

"Faggot," "fag" and “that’s so gay” should not be in your vocabulary. Just don’t use them. Keep those irrelevant words and phrases in the past, where they belong.

9. Thou shalt remember that family is love, not blood

Your family may not be the best support system, or they may not be everything you need. But, your friends are always there we you need them.

They may not be biologically related to you, but they are people you choose to have in your life. They have earned your trust, love and respect, and that is what truly makes someone family.

10. Thou shalt not kill the vibe

Celebrate your uniqueness every chance you get. Whether you are at the bar or at Pride, dance like nobody's watching, and smile because you are a star. Don’t kill the vibe, and don’t let anyone else murder the good vibes, either.