It's Your Choice: You Don't Have To Deal With The People You Can't Stand

by Arohie Chopra

Part of being grown up is learning how to keep your composure with each person you meet. I am specifically speaking about those people who haven’t quite graduate into adulthood yet, regardless of age. These people will twist your insides with their materialistic, superficial, and complete useless blabber.

They love talking! Half of the stories these people love to tell are not even exaggerated; they are pure fiction. You know who I’m talking about. They make you want to rip your hair out and bite their heads off.

There are a lot of tips online on how to deal with people you can't stand, such as taking deep breaths, flashing confident smiles, and taking long walks to relax. Yet no piece of literature explains why you should even try to stand these people in the first place. So here’s my crack at it.

I love me more.

The only one who will get stressed, sick, and a self-induced ulcer from this encounter is you. Why risk your health? Remind yourself that you are better than them, and you are happy. So smile, nod, and play a movie in your head. May I suggest Magic Mike? (Mmm Channing Tatum!)

Good practice.

You will meet a lot of annoying and irritating people throughout your existence, especially in adulthood. I assure you of this. So treat this annoying person as practice for the future. One day you will meet a boss, landlord, or mother-in-law who will share the same dreadful characteristics of this person. You will be forced to respect this person because he or she can make your life miserable if you don't. In these future situations, the other person will be in total control! Hence, I suggest learning how to deal with these sorts now and bank on some experience before you put yourself in a compromising situation.

Drama free existence.

If you decide you simply can't stand this person, what happens? You basically sink to their level and start rambling a long list of poetic insults. This lovely event will start a chain of more insults, gossip, and rumors. Please, high school drama isn't cool after the age of 16. Heck it wasn't even cool in high school!

You might need them.

I know it's a dreadful thought, and probably the most irritating reason to deal with them, but it's possible. One day the tables might turn and you might actually need them. Hence, I would suggest staying on this person’s good side. I know the thought of you needing them makes your blood boil, but life's just too short. Always pick your battles wisely.

Don't judge too soon.

It's easy to judge these people quickly and label them as bimbos but refrain from doing so. They might harbor some deep level of insecurity that they are covering up with verbal vomit. So as an adult, show compassion and do your good deed of the day. Cut them some slack. (It’s hard being fake 24/7.)

Top photo courtesy of Tumblr