This Family Is Asking For $133,000 To Raise Their Kids 'Off-Grid'

I'm a big believer in the whole live and let live thing.

I want people to do their own thing, and I don't see any reason why we all have to be judgmental and mean when they go ahead and do that.

But am I going to help fund a family's dream to lead a lifestyle that I do not at all agree with? Probably not.

A British family is requesting £100,000 (around $133,000) so they can buy a plot of land in Costa Rica and raise their children "off the grid." What do they mean by that?

Well, Matt and Adele Allen already lead a pretty unconventional life. They reject some of modern society's most fundamental pillars like using medicine, wearing shoes and sending your kids to school. Instead, they like to raise their kids a more... natural way.

How do they treat an eye infection? With breast milk, of course.

When do they decide to stop breast-feeding? When the mother and child reach a "mutual decision."

When do they cut their umbilical cord? They don't!

Where does the family of four sleep? All in the same bedroom!

When do they plan on teaching their kids to read and write? Whenever they feel like it!

You get the picture. The family is very... what's the word? Different.

But you know what? They think we're weird, too.

Did your parents ever leave you to cry it out when you were being a brat growing up? Well, Adele thinks that's a form of "neglect" and "child abuse."

Plan on getting advanced medical treatment if you were ever diagnosed with a terminal illness? Adele doesn't really agree with your decision to do that, either.

As you can imagine, leading this unconventional lifestyle in a modern city is pretty difficult.

In fact, Matt tells of a time he was walking with his daughter to the supermarket. She didn't have shoes on and a man stopped them to inform Matt his child did not have any shoes on (dangerous on a public street for obvious reasons).

But, Matt responded by explaining to the man that he wanted his child to feel life beneath her. Right.

Anyway, watch the video down here, and if you're more moved by their lifestyle and mission than I am, you can donate here.

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