What Your Ideal Vacation Says About Your Personality

Two of my best friends got married this summer. They had a very small and simple celebration, and went all out on a two-week honeymoon to Hawaii. They decided the memories of the vacation were a bigger priority than the one night of partying.

We were all jealous when they left for the land of paradise. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sit on a beach every day for two weeks?

Well, apparently THEY wouldn’t.

The first few days of their honeymoon were gloriously relaxing, just what they had hoped for. But after that, they started to get bored. Once they finished their adventure excursions, they started to feel trapped on the island.

When they came back, they resolved that they would NEVER go on a beach vacation again. They realized that they far preferred visiting landmarks and cities. The beach vacation just didn’t fit their personality.

No one wants to regret the time and money they put into their vacation. So, to avoid making the same mistake they did, here’s a guide to choosing the ideal vacation for your personality.

The “Sit On A Beach And Chillax” Vacation

You want nothing more than the sun baking your skin and a Hawaiian-shirted man serving you tropical drinks. Basically, you want the real life version of the Beach Boys’s “Kokomo.”

You lead a high-stress life, so your vacation needs to be the complete opposite. When you’re home, you’re constantly connected to work or running off to the next social engagement. You relish being the person who is constantly on the go.

But vacation is another story. You’ve worked hard; you’ve played hard; and now that you’re on that tropical island you plan to relax…hard.

The “Get Back To Basics” Vacation

For you, a trip is a chance for a total life detox. You want to leave your phone behind and become one with nature.

In your everyday life, you’re a free spirit who tires easily of societal norms. “Why do I have to go to work every day?” you often ask yourself. You like to question the establishment and the status quo.

That’s why your vacation is all about finding your center.

The “Zipline And Bungee Jump” Vacation

Your idea of fun terrifies most of your friends. You are the consummate thrill seeker, and it’s hard to find other people who are up to the challenge.

You get bored easily in your everyday life, and you’ve never met a challenge you didn’t like. When you plan a vacation, you’re looking for an adventure fix.

You want to dive off cliffs, bungee-jump off bridges, zipline through a rainforest, hike a volcano. Basically, if there’s risk involved, you are the first to sign up.

The “Explore A New City” Vacation

Culture, culture, culture. You don’t consider it a real vacation unless you’ve seen a historic landmark, eaten an amazing meal and sipped on a locally-brewed beer.

You are a city person through and through. You like the hustle and bustle, and you thrive when you’re busy and surrounded by crowds. You love talking to new people, and you recognize that a city vacation will give you a new crop of friends to meet.

You also have the most serious wanderlust of any personality type on this list, and no matter what city you visit, you’re always secretly scouting it as another viable living option.

The “Do Some Good” Vacation

This trip is for the pure of heart: The people who feel better about life when they’re helping others.

If you’re choosing to volunteer during your time off, you’re the dependable friend with the heart of gold. Everyone comes to you to fix their problems.

When you go on vacation, you want to join Habitat for Humanity and build houses or help vaccinate kids through Doctors Without Borders.

The “Follow Your Family’s Plan” Vacation

For many, a family vacation is where it’s AT. If you fall in this camp, you relish a family vacation because you love your family, of course. But you also are terrible with details. You aren’t good with timing, and you have no desire to research the best neighborhoods and restaurants in any given place.

You are also laid-back, though, and happy with any itinerary your family has to offer. That makes you the perfect travel companion – and you have Aunt Sue to vouch for it.

The “I’m Not Going Anywhere” Vacation

You are a homebody, and you don’t apologize for it. Your home is your favorite place in the world — it truly is where your heart is. You know what you like and see no need to get out of your comfort zone.

When you have time off, you want to sleep in without the guilt of missing your next activity. All you want to do is run errands on a weekday, staring at the people around you, wondering why they aren’t at work.

Then you remember you aren’t at work, and at the end of the day, that really is the best part of any vacation.

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