How We Have Become A Generation That Hopes Things Will Always Get Better

It’s popular belief that Generation-Y is composed of the dreamer and the hopeless romantic. We are labeled the “me” generation, perpetually self-absorbed and overly arrogant.

We’re frowned upon as entitled idealists who expect to have everything handed to us. We are viewed as irresponsible and unrealistic. And I must ask, what’s so wrong with that?

I’ll admit that we’ve most definitely grown up with the notion that everything is going to work out. We weren’t children of The Depression or Cold War, but the predecessors of parents who wanted to give us lives they only dreamed about.

We’ve grown up believing that we will live in a nice home, with a good family and views of a perfect future.

We look ahead in time with a starry-eyed optimism our parents never had. We’re perpetual believers that one day, things will get better, whether it be in life, love or work.

We believe with the utmost sincerity that even if things aren’t great now, they will be soon. We believe that even if we’re not in the jobs we like or the relationships we want, we will get there in due time.

Our predecessors look at us as selfish and entitled, but can’t they see we’re just optimists? Yes, we do assume we’re going to lead good lives and live the way we’ve always dreamed, but what’s so wrong with that? We have to do the work and they can sit back knowing their children refuse to lead lives of destitution and forgone dreams.

What’s wrong with assuming that everything is going to work out? What’s wrong with hoping for the best and manifesting greatness? What’s wrong with believing in ourselves and our own spectacular future? We’re about to be the leaders of the pack, the lawmakers and trendsetters carrying the world, and I think we just might be the perfect generation of optimists for it.

We’re Creative

Much to our parents' dismay and disbelief, we’ve gone against the grain and decided to create jobs and professions that didn’t exist before us. We protested the norm and created jobs we wanted, never foregoing creativity for profit. We’re one of the few generations to refuse to let go of our childhood creativity and inventiveness.

We’ve held fast to our artistic integrity and created a more beautiful, lively world for ourselves and our future generations. This creativity will lead us into new worlds and new ways of tackling problems and finding solutions.

We Only Hope For The Best

We aren’t bogged down by “what ifs” and “the worst that could happen.” We believe in hoping for the best and preparing for the even better. We expect good things because we work for good things.

We don’t steal, swindle or cheat. We expect the best because we know we deserve the best. This mentality is the same idea of manifestation. We believe in putting our dreams into the world enough times and with enough force, that they must come true. We put out good vibes, good thoughts and zero limitations.

We Are Resilient

Talk about us as much as you want, but we know who we are and we don’t let the negative comments and ideals of older generations hamper our ambitions. We are resilient and we are strong. We fight for what we believe in and don’t let the words of the failed and bitter bring us down. We are a generation raised on hope and change and we don’t easily cave.

We Believe In The American Dream

Hard work. Hard work. Hard work. That’s what will get you there. We’ve been raised on stories of the underdog and the rise to the top and it has come to define how we view our possibilities.

Nothing is off limits, no beginning has a set ending, and nothing can stop you from your dreams. It doesn’t matter where we are now, as long as we have the drive and determination to get to where we want to go. Nothing is out of reach for us, as boundaries and limitations are only meant to be crossed.

We’ve Learned To Laugh

We may not be the generation to find the cure for AIDS (as of now) or the one to have discovered penicillin, but we’ve found another type of medicine: laughter. As corny as it sounds, we’ve learned that it’s okay to laugh at ourselves and each other.

The world is a messy place and things are bound to go wrong, so rather than bitch and moan, we’ve learned to go through life a little less seriously, taking it all with giant grain of salt.

Photo credit: Nicholas Scarpinato