How Tonight's Eclipse Will Improve Your Life, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Rosey Baker
Leander Nardin/Stocksy

Good news, readers. Tonight is a full moon eclipse, giving us the perfect excuse for laying in bed all night and for our lack of emotional control or stability. These are the moments when I can say, "thank GAWD for astrology," because I'm genuinely in need of an explanation for why I'm an emotional tornado ripping through the lives of others; even if that explanation is, "it's because of the MOON." In that spirit of fun, here's how tonight's full moon eclipse will f*ck all your shit up, according to your zodiac sign.

Actually, to be honest, it's not gonna eff up your life that bad -- all signs point to tonight's eclipse being a friendly one. Even if the events it brings feel difficult, they're ultimately going to push you forward in life in a positive way.

Aries: Your Friendships

The full moon eclipse falls in your eleventh house of friendships and is conjunct Jupiter, the planetary giver of gifts and luck, meaning that around this eclipse tonight, you'll have the opportunity to attend a big social event. My advice is to go, even if you don't necessarily feel up to it.

You could also have a friend of yours show up asking for your help; either way, this eclipse and the events that come around it signal a change of lifestyle concerning who you surround yourself with, and the groups of people with whom you identify.

Taurus: Your Career

Tonight's eclipse is in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements, meaning that it will bring some of the professional recognition to you that you've been working toward for years. If you're already on course to what you most deeply desire in your work life, this reward will be handed to you as if it were a gift from the universe.

If not, you might find that you're forced to change something in your current work life, like your current job, to make way for the real opportunities to come. If this happens, you should feel positive about the changes, as they are the best possible thing that could happen for you, even if they temporarily threaten your sense of security.

Gemini: Foreign Travel

Gemini's will be experiencing some changes in an area of their life that's somehow influenced by contacts overseas or abroad, which will result in a financial bonus. This is because you have the eclipse in your ninth house of foreign travel/imports/exports, in perfect sync with Jupiter, the planetary giver of gifts and luck, and Pluto, the planetary ruler of inheritance.

It can be difficult to interpret this in any specific way other than to let you know that you have a lot to look forward to right now, as something you've been waiting for will come to a rightful conclusion, thanks to some overseas venture or communication.

Cancer: Your Money

This eclipse tonight is occurring in your eighth house of other people's money, and is in a nice angle to Jupiter in your house of home and family. Since eclipses bring closure, my interpretation is that if you have been waiting on a large sum of money to help you deal with your expenses, that will come over the next few days from a family member.

Be on the lookout for a payout from either a family-run business, or a large sum of money from a relative, either in the form of a work opportunity or an inheritance. You could also have a financial deal you've been trying to make come to a close.

Leo: Your Closest Partner

The eclipse tonight falls in your seventh house, which governs your closest partnerships, either in love or business. Eclipses tend to illuminate for us things that were previously hidden, even those things we've been hiding from ourselves. You may feel as if you've come to a place where you can finally decide what to do about your partner, whether you want to stay or to go.

If you stay, your bond will be solidified in a way that it wasn't before. If you choose to go, you'll grow in maturity from your decision. The important thing to remember is, if you're doing what you truly want, you cannot make a mistake.

Virgo: Your Daily Routine

You have this eclipse in your sixth house of daily responsibilities. This house governs everything from your household pets to your health, to your day job. It's those areas of our lives where we must be in service to someone, or something else. If you have a health issue come up around the time of the eclipse, be sure to make an appointment to get things checked out.

If you feel your responsibilities at your day job piling up are preventing you from feeling and being your best, now is the time you might choose to scale back, or to begin looking at other options.

Libra: Your Playtime

The eclipse tonight rules your house of true love; the fifth house, which is also the house of creativity, playtime, children, theater, and performance. Because eclipses shed light on our truest feelings, you could come to a final decision about someone you're dating. You could begin to discuss having a baby, since this house also rules children, or you could find out you're pregnant.

This house also rules creativity, so if your focus isn't on your romantic life, you'll probably come to the end of a creative project that's important to you, or get an opportunity to start a new one.

Scorpio: Your Home And Family

Scorpio, this eclipse is landing right in your fourth house of home and family, meaning that the relationships in your home will be lit up. If you've been thinking about moving, or are considering a change of residence, you may find that this full moon could bring that decision to culmination.

Some eclipses will bring you a clue about a month earlier or later than the date of the actual eclipse, so if you haven't got any idea what could be occurring, look to what was happening in your home life around July 7, and that should give you an idea. Home projects beginning right now will run smoothly and successfully.

Sagittarius: Your Communication

With an eclipse in your third house of communication, you'll find that this full moon brings you new opportunities to get your message out into the world. If you work in media or the performing arts, you'll most likely find you're offered a chance to write or perform something that gets an important message you believe in out into the world.

Jupiter is in the eleventh house, and it's in perfect aspect to this full moon eclipse, so it's highly likely that these opportunities will come from, or be connected in some way, to an organization or group of friends with whom you identify strongly.

Capricorn: Your Income

This is a full moon eclipse in your earned income sector, a house which also governs your savings and possessions, meaning you will come to a realization about how to best increase the amount of money you either bring in or save up. You could be in the midst of negotiating a raise, and now is the time when you finally come to a conclusion about it.

Ultimately, Jupiter's conjunction seems to indicate that this full moon eclipse will lead in an increase in your cash flow, as well as an increase in your spending, since this house also rules your expenses. The nice thing is, you'll most likely be spending that money on yourself!

Aquarius: Your Identity

A full moon eclipse in your sign means that it's also in your first house; the house of self, identity, and personal expression. This is huge for you, and brings a ton of good news, so get ready to celebrate! You have opportunities coming to you now that you've been longing for for quite awhile.

Because the first house is the house of identity, the area of life that it touches or affects will be so personal it's impossible to say for sure exactly what area that is... but YOU probably know, because it will be something immensely important to you.

Pisces: Your Dreams

The lunar eclipse falls in Pisces' twelfth house of dreams, subconscious, and solitude, as well as confinement. Confinement could mean two different things -- either physical confinement (like a trip to a hospital) or social confinement (solitude). Pay attention to your ideas, those voices in the back of your head that creatively nudge you forward. Now is an especially creative time.

This is a friendly eclipse, meaning if a trip to the hospital or a doctor's office comes up, it won't be a difficult one. If a health issue comes up you've been avoiding, you may have to make a trip to get the issue taken care of, and you'll do so quickly and easily.