Here's How You And Your Squad Can Score Free Swag For College Colors Day

If you're in college, chances are, you have some insane school pride. Whether your entire family went to your university, or you're the first one to attend, your college teams and colors will forever hold a special place in your heart. There's just something about wearing face paint with hundreds of other students cheering in unison that makes you feel part of something undeniably spectacular. Add in your favorite school T-shirt, your best friends filling the stands, and the thrill of the game all season long, and you can't help but feel excited. If you fit that description, get ready to score some free swag. On Friday, September 1, colleges, fans, alumni, and students across the nation will be celebrating College Colors Day 2017, a celebration of school pride and the passionate optimism every fan has at the beginning of the season.

To make things even more fun, this year's them is "United We Fan." Until September 1, students and fans alike can visit the site,, to enter to win some pretty sick giveaways and prizes like watches, college brand gear, tailgates games, and apparel. Fans will also get a chance to register to win a trip to the College Football Playoff and National Championship in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of the season.

If you and your squad want to get in on the action, winning is as easy as sharing your photos, school story, and pride across your social media using the #CollegeColors and #UnitedWeFan. If you win, you'll get some sweet gear to rep your school at the next game with your girlfriends. To get even more festive, you can change your Facebook profile picture by using a custom school frame.

Students and fans across the country are entering to win, using the hashtags to spread their school spirit and enter to win big. Let's be honest, who can't use more merch from school? I know my drawers overflowing with school swag will never, ever be enough. Needless to say, it's time to grab your girlfriends, and snap an adorable picture representing your university spirit. Get creative, and have fun with it.