8 Cute Ways To Keep In Touch With Your Long Distance Sister This Fall


When you head off for school in the fall, you may be leaving your sister behind. A long distance relationship is hard, especially when it means you're forced to part ways with your BFF for the time being. You're so used to living together that it's super difficult to not have your partner in crime down the hallway at all times for gossip and advice. Since it will be a major adjustment, you're probably trying to think of how to keep in touch with your sister who lives far away. Do not fret, because there are a ton of cute things you can do to cope.

You won't have her around every day to dish every little detail of your life, so you'll need to get creative with how you update her. Sisters who live far away from each other shouldn't let the distance keep you from being totally up-to-date on everything. In 2017, it's not an excuse anymore. You have so many methods of keeping in touch that you both can find something that works for you two. You'll want to keep in touch with who you're dating, how your job's going, any hot gossip you have, and just the generic "this is what I did today" discussion. Pretty soon, it'll be like you guys never parted. So, when you head off and away from your sister this fall, here are eight cute ways you both can keep in touch with each other.

1. Send Packages With Sweet Messages You Want To Share

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You can keep in touch with your sister by sending care packages to each other every once in awhile. This can include things you want to share with her, like your fave snacks and movies, cute little notes, or just funny items you saw that made you think of her. This will certainly put a massive smile on her face when she receives her surprise package in the mail.

2. Put Some Funny Postcards In The Mail

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Postcards tend to arrive pretty quickly. This is a fun and quick way to send a sweet little hello to your sister. You can find funny touristy postcards or some beautiful, unique ones that are made of wood. It can also start a fun hobby for you both of collecting funny postcards of wherever you go. Hang them up in your dorm room, and you'll be instantly reminded of your sister.

3. Start A Facebook Messenger Group Chat

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Facebook Messenger actually has a lot of fun features that make staying in touch cool. You can play games together, send Gifs every day, and even have video chats with funny face filters. Any digital way to keep in touch is fair game.

4. Update Your Instagram Story On The Regular


You both can vow to update your Instagram story every day so you're in the know about each other's lives. That way, your sis can always see the fun things you're doing. The rules should be to send a video a day, but you can also chat with her anytime you want.

5. Send A Selfie A Day

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Getting a selfie a day is such a nice way to keep in touch with your sister even if you don't talk. You're sending a picture or two to add a cute addition to her day. You can theme your selfies by having them all at fun locations you go to, or with the friends you hang with, so your sister gets to know a little more about your life.

6. Watch The Same Fall Shows

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All of our favorite shows are coming back in the fall, and even some new ones. You and your sister can find some shows you want to keep up with together. Maybe it's The Bachelor, or the new season of RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars. Find something to watch either live or on your own time, and then immediately talk about it together.

7. Pick A Designated Call Day For Crucial Girl Time

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Pick one day of the week that's your designated call day. It can be Sunday nights, right before the start of the new week. You call each other up and let the other know what happened in the past week and what you're excited about in the week to come.

8. If Your Distance Is International, Find An App That Works

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If you're long distance sisterhood is international, aka, if you're off on a study abroad semester, you can use apps like WhatsApp to keep in touch with your sister. You can video chat, or even just voice call anywhere. All you need is some WiFi and a good cup of coffee for some necessary girl time.