6 Adorable Ways For You And Your Broke Best Friend To Decorate Your Dorm Room

by Tessa Harvey

You're finally at college, living the dream with your roommate (aka, your best friend). You've gotten to know each other this summer, and are so excited for every part of the year that lies ahead of you. The two of you have plans for everything, including an epic class schedule, sports games, matching Halloween costumes, tailgates, and of course, ways to decorate your dorm. Or, you did, up until you both got sticker shock from the insane dorm room decor prices. Yeah, between you and your broke best friend, it may not be too happening.

Don't feel ashamed about it though, because we all know that decorating our room, especially the dreamy way we envision it, can add up super fast. Add in the fact that we're college students, and the chances of getting that perfect space for you and your broke bestie might seem slim to none. Before your dreams are totally crushed though, there is a silver lining. It may not be perfect, but you can turn the typical dorm room into a space you can be so dang proud of with just a few little tricks. Here are six ways to take your dorm room from way-too-drab so oh-so fab.

1. Fun And Colorful Washi Tape


Pastel Foil Narrow Washi Crafting Tape By Recollections™,$5, Michaels

Down for the count in your cash drawer? No big deal. Washi tape comes in tons of adorable colors and prints, and it makes a great tool for decorating your dorm room. At under $5, you can get a few different tapes and get creative.

2. A Cute Polaroid Wall


Polaroid 300 Instant Camera, $70, Target

Got a Polaroid? You're already on your way to a flawless dorm room. Polaroid picture walls are super trendy right now, and you'll love looking up at all the memories of you and your bestie on your favorite adventures. You can split the cost of the camera, and use it for all of your photographs in the room.

3. DIY Gallery Wall


Gallery Solutions Frame -- Black, $14, Target

No money for expensive prints? No problem. DIY gallery walls are cheap and simple, and they look ah-mah-zing. Go online, pick out some of your favorite pictures from Tumblr, Instagram, or Pinterest, and print them out. If you don't have a ton of money for frames, head to the dollar store. There, you can get some cheap ones.

4. Decals On Decals


Vinyl Wall Decal Stylish Huge Tree with Falling Leafs & Birds, $17+, Etsy

Decals have got to be hands down the easiest way to decorate your dorm room. Now, you can get small decals, large decals, and even wallpaper decals. These run on the pricier side of the list, but if you search, you can get good deals online and in the clearance section of your local department stores.

5. Pillow Covers With Sweet Sayings


Pillow Cover, $15, Amazon

Looking to dress up your bed on a budget? You and your BFF will get a kick out of the affordable options for pillow covers to be found on Amazon. From Aztec-inspired to cutesy slogans, you'll be able to find them all at a bargain price. Stick them on an old pillow, and you've got a fresh take on your dated space.

6. Himalayan Salt Lamps


Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp,$16, Amazon

I am obsessed with these salt lamps, and you know I've already got one on the way to my college dorm. They give your space a warm, cozy vibe when on, and even claim to make your atmosphere more soothing. Sign me up.