10 Ways Your Relationship Changes With Your Siblings In Your 20s

Suhyeon Choi/Unsplash

My sister and I haven't always gotten along. Growing up with her was rough, and I say that in the most loving way.

I get it, though -- I was her younger, dorky sister. I didn't even want to hang out with me.

Some siblings have loved each other endlessly since day one, while others just can't get away from each other faster.

Once you reach your 20s, your relationship with your siblings totally changes.

You start to realize the person who was quite possibly your mortal enemy for stealing your favorite Barbie doll, is now your BFF.

Here are 10 ways your relationship with your siblings improves in your 20s.

1. You Realize The Ginormous Age Gap Is Really Just A Few Years Apart

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When we were kids, three years seemed like centuries. It was as if age was the only thing that truly mattered.

Now, age is just a number, and nothing more. We're all really the same age... aka, adults.

2. You Couldn't Get Away From Your Parents Faster, But Now You Brag About Who Hangs With Them

Our parents used to be so embarrassing... or so we thought. We didn't want anything to do with them.

Now that we're older and don't get to see them as much, we look forward to the next time we do, and it's become a contest with our siblings.

You may brag about who went to the movies with Mom this weekend, or who took Dad out for beers and dinner.

3. Your Distance Was Important, But Now You're Planning Trips To Visit

Your siblings used to live down the hallway, and that was way too close. Now, you could be living in different states and it seems way too far.

You wanted your distance as kids, but now you're planning vacations to visit each other for a fun weekend getaway.

4. You Used To Secretly Read Their Diary To Find Out Their Relationship Status, And Now They Come To You For Advice

Your sibling's love life used to be such a mystery. You snuck around to find out everything about their relationship status, and now it's on Facebook.

They may even come to you for dating advice. There could even be a wedding soon, and you're the maid of honor.

5. They Used To Insult Your Outfits, And Now Your Closet Is Their Closet

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My sister hated my wardrobe in high school. Now, I'll come home and find her wearing pants I forgot to bring back with me.

Your styles may have merged into the same, and she casually raids your closet when she wants something new.

6. You Traded In Cartoons For The Same Favorite TV Shows

Shows like Rugrats and Doug that you both used to watch religiously are now replaced with endless reruns of The Real Housewives.

Your Saturday morning tradition of watching cartoons has now turned into Monday night parties watching The Bachelor, with wine and popcorn.

7. You Hated Sharing A Bathroom, But Now You Know Your Sibling Was The Best Roomie You Had

You've probably had a bunch of roommates who have not clicked with you. There's a certain way you live at home, and many outsiders just don't understand.

Even though you always fought over the remote, you're starting to realize your siblings are some of the only roommates you can actually tolerate.

8. You Used To Scream “Go Away” Before Slamming Your Door, And Now You're Texting Each Other Gifs Nonstop

Just imagine little Anna in Frozen knocking on Elsa's door asking her to chill, and Elsa telling her to go away... all too relatable.

Now, you're constantly texting your siblings anytime you see something that reminds you of them, or just to check in and see how they're doing.

9. You've Been Through The Same Loss, And You Keep Each Other Going

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When you were kids, you thought the end of the world was losing your favorite toy. Now that you're older, you've been through actual loss together.

Your siblings are your best support system when you're going through your darkest periods. They're the only ones who will ever truly understand what you're going through.

10. The Embarrassing Moments You Tried To Forget Are Now Your Favorite Stories To Tell

Everything embarrassing seemed like the end of the world back then. You tripped and face-planted in the middle of your dance recital, and were beyond mortified.

The only people who found it funny back then were your siblings who never let you forget it. Now, it's hilarious.

Your siblings can be a lot at times, but you'll always share an irreplaceable bond with them.