How Being Confused Allows You To Grow Mature Through Uncertainty

by John Farrell

Confusion is an unavoidable aspect of all Millennials lives. Whether it be academia, work or a social life, Gen-Yers are forced to succumb to bewilderment. Confusion can be maddening, but without it, blandness would run rampantly on Generation-Y.

It’s too convenient to label these moments of confusion as negative, since the outcomes are generally unknown. Uncertainty can leave Generation-Y blind, but with it comes growth. When turmoil enters Millennials’ lives, they need to keep in mind the positives that result from being lost.

Not knowing what to do in certain situations is like waiting for paint to dry. Hours, months and years can be spent calculating the benefits and setbacks of every action.

Imagine how generic situations would be without uncertainty. Every instance would be mundane without the excitement and wondering. Imagine living out the same scenario over and over again. Millennials need bewilderment because it forces them to continuously alter their direction and develop new ideas.

Growth will happen even in unforeseen areas and that will lead to future goals, aspirations and changes.

The end result of any voyage shouldn’t always be glorified. Any expedition will eventually come to a halt; however, the trail markers aren’t always there to guide.

Getting lost for a period of time doesn’t have to be damaging. Gen-Yers can learn more about themselves when a plan doesn’t neatly fall together.

It’s not difficult to get where you want when everything runs smoothly. It’s difficult to ignore the results, but a Gen-Yer’s own authenticity can be tainted by strictly following set guidelines. Growth will come in greater volumes when daunting tasks leave Gen-Yers without wind in their sails.

The first perplexing task is always the hardest, and one of the gifts about confusion is it makes future moments painless. But, Gen-Yers need to make sure they have completed their own times of bafflement.

Once closure has been reached, things will be more familiar and less intimidating. The ability to quickly respond to tumultuous tasks is a rare commodity that is needed in the tough times ahead.

Confusion can be unpleasing, but it doesn’t always have to be. Without confusion, where would anyone be? Would there be any new creations in modern medicine? Would there be any progressive thinkers?

Confusion is continuously walking in a circle. It doesn’t matter how many times you go around, or how many times you turn the other way, as long as you keep moving despite the uncertainty. You don’t have to end up where you imagined you’d be, as long as you get there.

The finish line isn’t always the end, and the final product may not be something you envisioned. The important lesson that comes from confusion is that you keep learning, not only about yourself, but also about the world around you.

Top Photo Courtesy: I Am Not A Celebrity