12 Hot Mess Moments You Should Own Like There's No Tomorrow

by Alexa Mellardo
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There are some moments when a gal simply cannot run away from being a hot FREAKING mess.

She can try all she wants… BUT her trendy new heels may break, or a bird might casually decide to poop on her head. When one hot mess moment arises, another follows not far behind.

The struggle is real.

Take Bridget Jones, for example. She's the OG hot mess, and it's what made us fall in love with her all over again in every single "Bridget Jones" movie.

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All she could do besides commence multiple eye rolls, is learn how to embrace her hot mess-ness. It's who she is, and she rocked it.

So, even when you think your life is in complete and utter shambles, hot mess moments can have a silver lining if you own them with confidence.

Here are 12 hot mess moments you should own like a girl BOSS.

1. You run into a hottie when you look like total crap. But if he likes you at your worst, he will completely love you at your best.

2. You're bloated and have to squeeze into a dress… but that burger and fries made for the prime Instagram. #WorthIt.

3. A bird poops on your head when you're going to a job interview. It's good luck though, right?

4. Breakfast and lunch consist of anything (and everything) you can quickly grab on the go. The barista at the corner coffee shop knows you by your first name. Let's be real here: You're a valued customer and no one makes a latte better than your main barista.

5. You're stressed out (which is on a regular basis), and all you want to do is put your life on hold and take a nap to calm your nerves. We all know beauty rest is a real thing.

6. You break out into a full-blown ugly cry and your mascara runs like crazy (AND nobody tells you). Hey, it shows you're sensitive and have feelings.

7. Your phone screen is looking unbearably ratchet, cracked in more ways than one… but, you can send it away for a refurbished one ASAP.

8. Your purse is heavy AF, filled to the brim with so much shit. At least you'll always have everything you need on you!

9. You peace out of the eyebrow salon and realize the woman made one brow SO MUCH smaller than the other. This gives you the ultimate excuse to buy a new Benefit Brow Kit.

10. You haven't washed your hair in a couple of days, but can wear all of the cute baseball caps and headbands you want.

11. You have that adorable, yet pesky piece of peppercorn or parsley stuck in your teeth on a date. OR, your hair takes on a mind of its own. Cue the jokes; it shows you have a personality.

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12. You walk out of the bathroom with a trail of toilet paper attached to your foot. But, the cutie at the bar helps a gal out, and that's a pretty funny conversation starter.

Embrace your hot mess moments, because they're what make you the awesome and intriguing gal you are.