5 Ways To Open Up Your Heart Chakra And Attract The Love You Deserve

Your heart chakra is kind of a big deal when it comes to attracting, radiating and keeping big love.

Life feels better when your heart chakra, or anahata, is balanced and flowing with good energy.

So, if you struggle with matters of the heart, there could well be a big blockage in this energy point, often caused by repressed emotions.

We've all been through the wringer at some point or another. A family member let you down, a friend betrayed you or you got dumped out of the blue.

These all influence your heart chakra, but how they affect it in the long term is up to you and your ability to let go.

So, what's the trick to keeping it open and balanced?

Well, you start with wine. JK. That's, like, step four.

Here are some other suggestions to keep that chakra unblocked and ready for business:

1. Focus on the present.

A lot of the pain we carry around is caused by stressing over the past or dreading things that have not even come to pass.

Try to focus on the moment you're in right now. Starting a meditation practice can get your "present" muscle working.

I'm certainly no meditation expert, but I know it's a great way to become more grounded and calm.

If you're down for using crystals in meditation, rose quartz, rhodonite and green tourmaline are good ones to start with. Keeping these crystals close also helps.

Also, lots of challenging exercises like running, kickboxing or cycling can help you focus on the here and now.

Overall, the trick is to find something that forces you to be focus and be present.

2. Be open with your emotions.

The beautiful thing is, being open with your emotions doesn't mean you have to tell the world what you're feeling. Realizing that helped me a lot.

Sometimes, just writing it all out in a private, emotional journal dump is exactly what you need to get a bit of clarity and release.

Screaming into a pillow is also a pretty good trick (just saying). Just do whatever allows you to let those emotions out in a healthy and constructive way.

3. Accept that what will be will be.

Acceptance of "what is" isn't always easy, but it's definitely worth it.

Take some time to acknowledge what is out of your control, and then choose not to stress about it.

There's almost nothing to be gained by stressing over something or someone you cannot control.

4. Have a glass of wine.

Although I said this was step four, you can do anything that you define as "treating yourself."

Whether it's relaxing with a glass of wine, getting your nails done, going shopping or just chilling out with your favorite Netflix series, take some time to unwind and just do you.

It's hard to fully connect with others when you're exhausted or stressed, so use this time to recharge.

5. Add some green to your life.

The heart chakra is represented by green, which symbolizes harmony, health, creativity and nature.

So, up your dosage.

Throw on a green blouse, or start munching some kale. Chug some green tea, or go lie in a grassy field. You get the idea.

Living your life full of love and compassion is wonderful, but it can be tough to reach that place emotionally if you're feeling knocked down.

Try these five tips, and your heart chakra will thank you for it.