5 Hashtags That Perfectly Describe How You Feel About Valentine’s Day

by Tori Lyn

Whether you adore Valentine’s Day or dread it, February 14 is a busy day of social media stalking for us all.

From the endless photos of roses, chocolates and V-Day selfies to the posts about binge-drinking, being lonely and the authenticity of this holiday as a whole, social media forums will be flooded as we all express our strong opinions about what this day means to us.

Though many may wish this holiday didn't exist, it’s clear we all have some opinion on it that will be expressed on our social media platforms:

1. #LoveIsAllWeNeed, #HugsAndKisses

These posts come from the women on your timeline who usually go above and beyond for every holiday.

Valentine’s Day is no exception.

Not only will all of the details about their nights be posted about excitedly, but hair and makeup selfies coupled with Valentine’s Day outfits and heart emojis will happily flood your timeline.

These women have no shame in the fact they absolutely love this day.

They will share long posts and words of affirmation to all the close friends and family members in their lives.

Though some may be put off by their adoration for this holiday, they will continue to spread the virtual love in the hopes that it will eventually become contagious.

2. #F*ckThisHoliday, #VDayScam

You can actually feel the seething hatred from these people on your timeline as you read their posts and realize how much they truly loathe this holiday.

These posts will usually turn into a debate as the user rants and raves about how Valentine’s Day is simply a way for Hallmark and Hershey to scam us out of our money and force us to participate.

Regardless of whether these people have someone to spend the day with or not, they will most likely be unapologetically angry for the duration of the holiday and refuse to conform in any way.

Furthermore, the night will usually end with a drunken reading from WikiLeaks about Saint Valentine and the true meaning of this holiday.

3. #ForeverAlone, #PassTheWine

These posters have been single on every Valentine’s Day for the past three years.

Thus, they are emotional balls of depression and instability for the entire day.

Their V-Days are usually spent going back to previous years on Facebook and Instagram, only to cry and curse out photos of their exes and their new, “kind of pretty” girlfriends.

They make it a point to take selfies dressed in all black, and the only excitement in their posts will be over purchasing giant bottles of wine and absurd amounts of chocolate to consume by themselves.

Because f*ck this day, and f*ck relationships.

4. #BlessingsOnBlessings, #HowDidIGetSoLucky

These posters will literally share every single gift they receive from their significant others, from the 12 red roses to the lingerie.

Not only will we get to see each present they receive in a Pic Stitch collage, but it will also be as if we have front-row seats to their Valentine’s Day celebrations.

#Blessed and #spoiled captions will accompany every post as they blow up social media in disbelief over all the amazing things they’ve received.

Despite the judgment and occasional jealously that fuels us as we scroll through their posts, we can’t help but be mesmerized by the giant 5-pound bar of chocolate they got.

We even consider sending them a DM to see if they’re actually going to eat it all, or if they’d be willing to share.

5. #WhyDidn’tYouMakeReservationsThough, #LetsJustGetChipotle

This status usually applies to the majority of us who are just trying to enjoy a relaxed, carefree dinner with our significant others during this holiday.

Whether it’s our first or fifth Valentine’s Day spent with our loved ones, all we’re really posting about is the awesome food we got to consume and how realistic that bear scene was in the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie.

Determined not to go too crazy over this holiday, a stress-free dinner with a couple of drinks and a night of laughing is good enough for us.

Unless, of course, there's a 90-minute wait.

Then we’re getting takeout and calling it a night.

There’s no shame in falling into the many clichéd hashtag groups during this holiday.

Whether you’re a V-Day fan girl or just trying to make it through the day without having an emotional breakdown, there’s no shortage of social media posting, filtered photos and minor judgments on Valentine's Day.