7 BOOtiful Halloween Nail Designs Perfect For Your Black Dress Costume

Marina mrs_brooke/Shutterstock

What would Halloween be without the opportunity to get festive with your nails? There are so many moving parts about Halloween that can all be perfectly framed and depicted with some gorgeous nail art. Whether you're into bats, blood, or Frankenstein, decorating your nails just got that much more fun with the spooky season creeping upon us. Get creative with your Halloween nail designs, and let the theme resonate from head to toe on the big day. These spooky, beautiful tutorials are literally perfect for your black dress costume, because they'll get the attention they deserve.

The amazing thing about nail art is that there are hundreds of videos to help you recreate the exact look you want. Each year, there are even better designs than the last, and a part of us wishes humans had more than 10 fingers so that we could flaunt all of them at once. Luckily, wearing Halloween on your nails can be a year-round affair, because it's not like you're literally wearing spiderwebs or witches on your daily wardrobe.

Because there are so many nail art options, it can be hard to decipher what spooky look you want to slay this go-around. Thankfully, YouTube is here for the win once again and has plenty of videos to give you an idea of what best suits your interest and satisfies that creative tingling. So, take some advice from these YouTubers and get ready to witness some jaw dropping and cute nail art ideas for your black dress Halloween costume.

1. Get Witchy

Cast a spell on your nails and print them with a silhouette of a witch across the night sky. This look is sure to be captivating for onlookers, and the blue glitter background glistens so perfectly. Who knew a witch was the finishing touch your nail idea needed?

2. Spooky Is The Way To Go

You have to love the way this baby blue and black combo looks in this design. It's almost like one works to incredibly bring out the elements of the other. If you haven't tested the wicked waters just yet, you surely will be fully submerged with this look.

3. Mix It Up

You don't have to stick with one look for each nail. Mix it up and give each nail its own voice that screams Halloween. It can be hard to choose, so make it so you don't necessarily have to. Your nails will thank you.

4. Skulls, Eyeballs, And Blood... Oh My!

Those bloodshot eyeballs are super cute, and the majority of the style is white, so there's no fear of not being able to match with everything. You also can't go wrong with an adorable blood print. Unlike Dracula, you'll be doing the opposite of sucking the life out of the party.

5. Slay The Ombre

I'm not sure what it is about ombre, but it always looks so neat and elegant. Get diabolical with the shades and let those creepy colors stand out on your nails. It's time to turn those nail beds into graveyards.

6. No Tools, Just Creativity

Let's remember that the shape of the nail is also incredibly important when pairing with the perfect nail art design. Pointed nails are all the rage this time of year because they have that spooky look. Don't be afraid to explore a little bit and sharpen up those ends.

7. Spin Your Web

Webs are simple and definitely encompass Halloween. You can't think of webs without thinking about something dark and spooky. Spin your own look and don't get stingy with the spiders. Halloween nail art has probably the best selection of designs compared to any other holiday. Pick what works for you, paint away, and let your nails do the rest.