7 Easy Mother's Day Gifts For Every Mom Who Loves Wine

by Alexa Mellardo

When we were little kids, many of us bonded with Mom over dress up and tea parties with our Beanie Babies.

Now, we bond with Mom over romantic chick flicks and an impressive stash of Merlot.

If your mom's passion for wine is as grand as your own, you'll have a lot of fun picking out the perfect present for her for Mother's Day.

Sure, you can choose a couple of bottles of her favorite wine, but there are other unique options Mom will love that have everything to do with the wine theme, too.

Here are seven gift ideas for any mom who loves wine.

1. Rosé All Day Bento Box and “Love You A Bunch” Rosé Roses

If your mama has a sweet tooth, and is a hardcore rosé fanatic, this is a great gift for her. To keep the pink theme going, why not complete the present with a beautiful bouquet of pink roses?

2. ROSES & ROSÉ Chocolate

This pretty chocolate bar legit tastes like rosé.

Your present will come full-circle with a bottle of Mom's favorite rosé to accompany. Tie a pink bow for the presentation, and you're set.

3. Summer wine gift basket

An assortment of wines from Tank Garage Winery will prep Mom for summer in boozy, trendy fashion.

Located in the beautiful Napa Valley town of Calistoga, California, Tank Garage is home to a collection of refreshing wine varieties that will instantly make Mom feel like she's sipping in the heart and soul of the wine country. What's better than that?

The fun labels are the cherry-topping to this brand. Pick out a cute t-shirt or baseball cap for Mom that will perfectly coordinate with her wine, and she'll be ready to kick off summer.

4. Matching "Like Mother" and "Like Daughter" wine glasses


If you and your mom love to sip and savor together on a strict wine o'clock schedule, this is an adorable idea the both of you will enjoy together.

For those of you who are all about that DIY life, you can actually design your very own mom and me wine glasses. Pick up all the paint, glitter and jewels your heart desires to make the glasses extra special and personalized. You can make a pair of stemless and a stemmed duo, to switch things up.

5. Assorted wine candles


This way, Mom can enjoy that warm aroma of Merlot 27/7.

These candles are fittingly made out of wine bottles, and are perfect for her to use in the kitchen, or in the bathroom while she's sipping a glass of wine and relaxing in the tub.

6. Pink Moscato Wine Bath Bomb pampering package


Speaking of the bath, this pink Moscato wine bath bomb is the ultimate addition to Mom's much-deserved spoiling... complete with cozy “wine time” slippers, of course.

If you want to create a gift basket, this "Stop and Smell the Rosé" mat is the sugar-coating to mom's pampering package.

7. Rustic wine bottle wall sconce


The mom who's all into interior design will absolutely fall in love with this rustic touch on her wine fascination. It's perfect for pretty much anywhere in the house, wherever it coordinates best.

You can add family pictures in the middle before giving it to Mom to personalize it.

Whichever gift you decide to give your wine-loving mom this Mother's Day, I'm sure she'll be oh-so happy... and will pop open a bottle of wine to celebrate.