Wanderlust Is A Lifestyle: Why I Like To Get Lost On Purpose

by Sonya Matejko

Have you ever wanted to get lost on purpose?

Have you had the urge to mosey underneath the stars while searching for more in the world?

Have you ever succumbed to your desire to climb into the depths of your soul and become astray, to become astray somewhere between your fears and your dreams?

I have; I have become accustomed to getting lost physically, and I’ve become comfortable getting lost emotionally.

I’ve even acclimated to getting lost somewhere in between the two because the act of getting lost may very well be the best way to finding yourself.

Outwardly Lost

Have you ever wondered what you would discover by turning left instead of right? Or what would transpire from following your intuition’s invisible footsteps?

Sometimes, your commonplace routine deserves a new find or novel perspective; sometimes, monotony requires an uncalculated risk. The most magical gems could be found from a series of wrong turns while traveling through life.

Sometimes, when exploring a strange city, it is better to discover its hidden secrets than to revel in the city’s typical temptations. Surely, there comes a risk in losing yourself through the tarmacs of life. You gamble by turning left when Google Maps clearly says right, but what’s the point of always following a paved path?

Sometimes, it truly is the road less traveled that makes the difference, as Robert Frost once said. So take it; take it with strength, instead of naivety, and take it with a smile instead of fear. Be aware of the stakes, but revel in the reward. Who knows which view or which stranger with a story you’re likely to find.

Lose yourself behind footprints that many like you have taken before, those who have wanderlust coloring their veins. Create your personal trail, and leave behind a story laced with possibility and rebellion.

Meander through the enchanted opportunities life holds to discover wishes you’ve lost and daydreams that exist on the arbitrary corners. Throw the maps to the wind, and run through a field only following the clouds. Let go of the track, and just follow adventure.

Inwardly Lost

Don’t doubt the power of losing yourself within your own nature, too. Sometimes it takes the most epic fall to rise back up. Sometimes, it takes just trusting your instincts and following your heart. Sometimes everything you’ve once lost combines itself in your future as destiny’s biggest gain.

Trust yourself enough to fail, and believe in yourself enough to be resilient against consequence. Life will throw you curves, and you’ll want to take the easy way out. Shy not. Hike through the wilderness of regret and battles your fears, instead.

Can you imagine the view from the peak at the end? It’d likely be a feeling of relief as you glance down at the panorama of your triumphs and feats. Only then can you notice the beauty it took to accept the flaws and failures. Your beautiful chaos can only be seen from this bird’s eye view.

So, lose yourself in your own head. Don’t riddle yourself with remorse, but repent by loving yourself more. It does not matter what the rest of the world sees, all that matters is what you see when you close your eyes.

Your true self isn’t painted in a reflection; it lives in the depths of your soul. So climb on in, trek through your memories and remember your ambitions.

I am a wanderer. I wander the world looking for adventures I haven’t planned. I wander my heart accepting the mess that I am. I saunter through unknown cities barefoot, just to connect to the ground. I saunter through my mind, appreciating how far I’ve traveled.

I roam between the alleys in countries and in my soul alike. I stray away from sidewalks and everyday expectations. I am a person who thrives on wanderlust, physically and emotionally.

Haven’t you ever wanted to get lost on purpose?

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr