Why We Should Take Advantage Of The Opportunity To Learn From Our Older Generations

As time passes, a reflection of reality blossoms in my mind: Old people are the beautiful survivors of experience. In any instance, acquaintances, friends, colleagues and peers are the most beneficial keys to success. We must strike up friendships and professional relationships with those who are older than we are.

Meeting people from other generations is both exhilarating and refreshing. Simply said, the older people in our lives can teach us so much. The stories they are able to share have a certain charm about them, which is beautiful.

Strive to meet people who are successful in any given profession that is of interest to you. Find an opportunity to work under this person’s direction. Gain this person’s trust and learn the fundamental skills that will provide knowledge in the field in which you want to grow.

Another interesting thing we can learn from elders is how they socialize, where they go and what interests them. Seriously, it can be so much fun if they can entrust you with personal information about past relationships, marriages and divorces.

Age reflects beauty. Those who have lived longer lives than us have seen more days and have more material on which to reflect and comment. Basically, these people have more credentials with everything they have experienced.

The Stories They Have To Share

It’s brilliant when you discover that your grandfather was supposed to board the Titanic, but he ended up missing the boat by a few minutes.

Are the Beatles your favorite band? Well, maybe you know someone who saw them live (hint: you probably do).

Learning From Their Mistakes

Okay, so your boss has this tendency to hire hot babes who have little to offer in the brain department. Well, maybe you can learn something from that.

Perhaps instead of investing in the pretty lady with the nice smile, you could hire the person who knows all of the facts and details about your establishment and can make you a spreadsheet regarding your financial happenings.

Relationship Secrets

Your grandparents may have gotten married when they were your age, but they also had five failed relationships, two failed engagements and a divorce on which they could reflect first. Knowing this may help you to make the best decisions for you.

Maybe they were too young to get married or maybe there were pieces of the relationship that they had not secured and marriage was a choice they came to regret later.

Who knows, but you can take the successes and failures from a story about a marriage or a relationship and apply it to your own rules of dating. Like, since he hated that an ex smoked too many cigarettes and you’re a girl who’s been smoking since before age 18, you could take note to not invest time in guys who are against smoking.

Whatever it is you want to learn about from the older generation, the ability to do so is yours to take. Take time to get to know the people who surround you; everyone could use another friend.

Photo via Boy Meets World