6 Fights You Have With Your SO When You’re An Extremely Straightforward Girl

by Alexa Mellardo

When you're a forward kind of chick, people sometimes mistake you for being overly assertive.

In reality, you're just a confident gal who knows what she wants, and does everything in her power to make it happen.

You're not the kind of person who chills on the sidelines waiting for good things to come your way. That's, simply, not your style — nor will it ever be.

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You have absolutely no problem calling someone out when they're being fake or outwardly lying to your face. If you found out someone was talking behind your back, that shit won't fly -- and LAWD help them.

When you're in a relationship, the struggle of being a straightforward person can be all too real… especially when your personality ends up clashing with your boyfriend's on certain matters.

Here are the six fights you experience with your SO when you're a straightforward kind of chick.

1. The one when you jump to conclusions.

You're typically not someone who utilizes the “24-hour rule” to consider all sides of the story and figure out how you REALLY want to approach the situation at hand.

You quickly react, guided by your emotions alone.

2. The one when you're brutally honest with him.


Everything about you is real, passionate and candid, because you tell it like it is. You're not about that filter life.

Even if the truth isn't what your SO wants to hear at the moment, you're going to give it to him anyway, because you love him.

3. The one when you call him out.

When something's bothering you, you're the kind of person who needs to lay everything out on the table, STAT — even if it's not portrayed in a picture-perfect manner.

Cue the word vomit; but your relationship will be much better in the long run if you hash it out now.

4. The one when you try to be the number one boss of the relationship.



Yeah, sorry not sorry.

5. The one when your outgoing personality is mistaken for flirting.

You're an outgoing chick who loves to be surrounded by friends, and is always adding to her social circle.

You'll never be the girl who sits on a bar stool all night while your squad is playing beer pong and making friends. It cramps your social butterfly vibes to the max.

6. The one when you don't get along with his friend.

Or, you might have a disagreement with one of his family members.

Although your straightforwardness may be misconstrued at times, your love for your SO never fades.

You're a #GirlBoss who takes charge front and center, and makes things happen on your own terms. It's all part of what makes you the incredible woman you are.