20 Female World Travelers On What They Can't Leave Home Without


So, you’ve bought a 65L rucksack to carry your life in for the next six months.

You tell yourself it looks pretty big, so you know you’ll manage to squash in everything you want to take. That is, until you’re sitting in the middle of your bedroom floor, drowning beneath the contents of your two wardrobes and a chest of drawers.

Packing for any long trip can be a nightmare. But if you’re a girl, it’s twice as hard. A matching handbag for every outfit and all 18 MAC lipsticks are going to have to be left behind.

You can forget about taking high heels, and you can forget about taking every dress you’ve ever owned, too. It’s just not going to happen.

While you're trying to cram everything into a rucksack, you’ll probably pack and repack a dozen times before you’re satisfied with whatever you've managed to fit into it.

You’ll reluctantly remove your favorite shoes and cry, as you bid farewell to your Mulberry handbag for the next few months.

But we all have that one item we refuse to take out of our rucksack, even when it’s about to burst.

I asked my female friends from around the world about their one traveling essential that they simply can’t travel without:

— Abi Vincent from Barry, Wales

— Bex Whelan from Bray, Ireland

— Mia Bennetzen from Odense, Denmark

— Aimee Craig from Sydenham, Northern Ireland

— Hannah Stanley from Manchester, England

— Lindsay Anderson from Washington, USA

— Murielle Solheim from Bryne, Norway

— Ella (Shi Xin Ran) from Hohhot, China

— Bryony Macauley from Filey, England

— Rebecca Kemp from Hull, England

— Taylor Johannesson from Alberta, Canada

— Vanisha Sparks from London, England

— Laura Chisholm from Sunderland, England

— Allie Affleck from British Columbia, Canada

— Jenny Greene from Florida, USA

— Angela Anderson from Seattle, USA

— Paige Nettland from Ubon, Thailand

— Allison Youngblood from Washington, USA

— Natalie Ball from Washington, England

— Sarah Bryan from Sheffield, England

If you’re struggling to pack for an upcoming adventure, maybe you can take some inspiration from the women who have already faced packing struggles.

Thank you to everyone who contributed, and thank you to @AlpineBabes on Instagram for putting me in touch with these fantastic female followers.