How You'll Experience College, As Told By Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

by Angela Mujukian

How will your college experience go based on your personality?

There are practically over 15 different MBTI types, and which category you fit into can illustrate or impact the way in which you perceive your college experience.

However, as eccentric humans, we won't just fit into one category and shouldn't be labeled as X, Y or Z. Many times, you can find yourself shifting and leaning more toward one type of personality over another throughout your college years.

Depending on the situation, we may believe we are one way or another. The friends you choose to make may reflect the type of personality you have, and often times, you will see your personality not matching or fitting well with some.

That can be frustrating. But, don't be alarmed because this is natural. Sometimes, personalities just don't “click.”

The most important thing you can do before heading into college is become aware of the fact we are all different and keep an open mind. Sometimes, our differences can unite us. Sometimes, it is our differences and our situational awareness that make us bond.

I've shrunken the 16 different personality types into the four ways your college experience will go, depending on that type:

1. College is going to be perceived as “the best years of your life” for ENFJ, INFJ, ENFP and INFP.

Your personality says a lot about how you will enjoy and value your college years.

You hold everything in life so personal and live a life full of meaning, so your college years are going to be very important in regard to the types of friendships you make, the teachers you learn from, the people you encounter and interact with on a daily basis and the resources and environment you surround yourself by.

Everything will mean something. Everything will be special and an experience you won't forget.

You'll mostly engage yourself in extracurricular clubs and activities, and you'll find that you make the best of college through these organizations and your role in society within your college campus.

You are the difference makers, and you can't just stand back and watch all the action happening. You go in there, make it happen and make a difference.

You'll love to form meaningful relationships, whether as friendships or something more.

2. College is going to be perceived as “a stepping stone to the next part of your life” for INTJ, ENTJ, INTP and ENTP.

These are the people who race through college. They're not particularly taking it all in, but seeing it as another step or stage to conquering their plan of graduate school.

This type of personality is more logically oriented in all tasks at hand and stick to the books. If you fit into one of these categories, you won't necessarily find that college is a place for socializing, but one for hitting the books, absorbing material and learning as much as you can from your courses.

You have plans to do great things in the world, and college is the first step to getting there. College is going to be a “piece of cake” for you because you're determined and focused to get in, get the job done and get out.

You're here for strictly business and find it more useful making relationships with your books than anything else.

3. College is going to be perceived as “work hard and play harder attitude” for ESP, ISFP, ESFJ and ISFJ

Your type of personality will change and transition as you try to fit in and find your niche.

You are good at using your environment and resources. You're good at book work and making friends.

You are the type of people who are well-rounded and can be involved in a lot of campus activities, have a social life and excel in school work because that's just who you are. You love being everywhere at the same time.

You have a nice work and social experience and can balance your work-life schedules with working hard and forming some relationships.

4. College is going to be perceived as “ the education and work experience that changed your life” for ISTP, ESTP, ISTJ and ESTJ.

This personality is not only logical, but extroverted. They are the research lovers and find they're not only going to love their work, but they're going to become successful through their work experience and education.

You are more selective in the relationships you form, but the ones you do are meaningful. You love making strong connections with people who are genuine and bring out your caring side.

You can interpret your personality type based on your MBPT, or you can just throw it out the window and make the best of it. It's all about perception and how you make the best or worst of everything.

How you react to experiences shape your college experience. Some days will be better than others, but it's up to you to see the difference and enjoy the ride.

You can love or hate college, and sometimes you can love it and hate it at the same time. You have the power to control your mind and see the beauty in everything, whether you'll make the college the best years of your life, a stepping stone, a place where you found your bridesmaids and best friends or the time you make your mark and leave your footprints.

It's all up to you. You hold the power and the choice to perceive how college will go for you.