Don't Allow The World To Mold You: How To Be The Person You Want To Be

We are all only as good as we need to be.

Although we have certain personalities and a certain way of doing things, we all have a range, and we fluctuate within that range.

We can become better or worse versions of ourselves with the snap of a finger. We let our surroundings, states of mind and other factors affect how good we think we should be.

We can change the quality of our work, how happy we are or any other part of our lives just by changing our focuses.

When we change our focus, we delete certain things and we expand upon others. Overall, we change what we actually see and understand in real time.

Giving Yourself Permission

The best performers are the ones that give themselves permission to act in certain ways.

If I asked you right now, "How would you think and act if you were the perfect version of yourself?" you would probably be able to describe it right now. You probably don't think or act at your “best” in your day-to-day happenings, though, because you think that's "not you."

In order to be amazing at whatever it is you do, you must give yourself permission to act excellently in personal and professional terms.

When you decide to focus on things differently, you'll change what you see before your eyes, what you understand and what you're willing to do. You may even change your identity if you shift your accepted concept of what's "you" and what's "not you."

A Matter Of Standards

A simpler way to change your focus to tolerate only excellence and quality is to up your standards. If you want to become brilliant in every area of your life, just raise the bar for what you expect of yourself.

If you accept nothing less than excellence, doing things well, thinking strategically and acting in a perfect manner, you won't see anything beyond this elevated way of living — you won't understand anything besides that way of living.

In very simple terms, we all have an accepted range of quality regarding how we do things in life; some things you do excellently, some things you do mediocrely and some things you do poorly.

We all accept this variation as part of life. Well, stop accepting all of these different quality types and choose to only to do things amazingly well. As the motivational speaker Eric Thomas says, "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful."


Of course it's easy for me to tell you to give yourself permission to raise your standards to become magically excellent. Talk is cheap, but one key concept that helped me to understand everything much easier is the concept of relativity.

Everything in life is relative. You may have grown into and entirely different person if you were simply raised in a different environment or if you met (or didn’t meet) a specific person.

Many of us believe ourselves to be these crystalized human beings that are how we are because we were created to be this way. Truthfully, you could have become a completely different person if some random event in your life transpired differently.

Given this truth, it's not so difficult to take the reins of your psyche and improve yourself. Many of us are resistant to change because we think we “have” to do this or that or be this or that way.

Jump out of your comfort zone and become your best you rather than waiting for the universe to mold you as it pleases.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It