Lifestyle — Why Learning To Code Can Help You Land The Job Of Your Dreams

Back in the not-so-distant past, a four-year education at a traditional college campus was the key to success. Fast forward to 2016, and the digital world has ushered in an entirely new set of rules.

New York Code + Design Academy is innovating higher education by bringing back skill-based education -- but with the modern-day student in mind.

Brian Fountain, an instructor at NYCDA, said,

The skill set of making websites, to me, is a little bit like the modern-day woodworker.

Instead of the traditional four-year program, the school offers 3-month-long intensive boot camps that give students the skills they need to get the jobs they want.

It's a simple idea really: Teach students practical skills to help them meet the huge demand for coders in today's workplaces. It echoes the ever-present idea there is more than one way to achieve higher education than the traditional college campus route.

Plus, "digital woodworker" has a nice ring to it.

Strayer Education announced on January 13, 2016 that it acquired New York Code + Design Academy. The acquisition continues Strayer's efforts to prepare students for viable employment opportunities through career-based programs. New York Code + Design Academy is licensed by the State of New York, New York State Education Department.

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