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#DiARMy Encourages Plus-Size Women To Love Their Arms


Summer 2017 is full of heat, fun, and body positivity, thanks to hoards of women coming together to celebrate every part of their bodies and to step out of the shame that mainstream beauty standards can cause in women who don't fit the faux physical status quo. Plus-size clothing subscription service, Dia&Co, has decided to encourage women to show off their arms this summer, with the hashtag, #DiARMy," instead of hiding them for fear that someone will judge their size, shape, and movement. We are here for all of this and apparently, so are the women who are participating on social media.

According to the company's blogger partner, Alysse Dalessandro, the idea came to company leaders after receiving feedback directly from their customers.

Dalessandro tells Elite Daily,

Women seem to be ready to answer that call, as they share their own photos for the #DiARMy challenge.

The CEO and co-founder of Dia&Co, Nadia Boujarwah, shared why the brand decided to start the empowering hashtag this summer in a statement to Mic.

She said,

Blogger, Jessie Retro, also shared why she joined the #DiARMy movement in a beautiful and heartwarming post.

She wrote,

Jessie Retro's post was met with supportive comments from other women who relate. One woman even commented with an arm-baring photo of her own, after being inspired by Retro's openness.

Visibility and affirmations like that are what Dia&Co's CEO says will eventually remove the stigma associated with certain arm sizes.

She said to Mic,

May this campaign and more like it continue to uplift plus-size women by making them feel seen, valued, and respected. Keep spreading that body love and join the #DiARMy movement with your own arm photo if you're ready to be loud and proud about your body.

Women are beautiful and worthy at every size. It's time the world acknowledged it.