6 Design Tricks That Will Make Your Tiny Apartment Instantly Feel Bigger


The world population is growing, which leaves us with less space for living. This is the main reason apartments in large cities are not only crazy expensive, but also very small.

This brings us a new challenge: how to design a cozy, functional den inside a teeny-tiny space.

Luckily, we have the internet.

This is everything I've learned about small-house styling, particularly designing a one-room apartment.

1. Put some lights up.

Modern houses make furniture look giant, so when you already struggling to save every inch, it's only natural to clear up the floor space and look for other places to use, like the walls.

The lights can very well go on the walls to save space and create a sort of floating illusion for the light sources.

There's only a problem if your space is rented. You have to make sure the lighting doesn't require extensive wiring and wall modifications, which might not be accepted by the landlord.

2. Tuck half the rug under the bed.

As you browse through Pinterest, you will notice a recurring trend: The rugs are always tucked underneath the bed about one-third of the way.

If you are not used to placing the rug underneath the bed, this seems very strange, but it can actually make the space look bigger. This trick also works well with other large furniture, like couches.

3. Hang your art.

Our grandparents are familiar with the trend of hanging art above the bed, and this trend is coming back. A large statement painting or multiple small paintings that create an arrangement can take the room to another level.

The best style, according to a lot of posts, is placing a large painting, which is about two-thirds the size of the mattress, above the bad and matching the colors and the textures with the bedding.

4. Play with textures.

To make your apartment look bigger and cozy, play with different textures. Don't be afraid to have a fluffy rug, a knit pillow and a leather detail in the same room.

The mix of different textures can help you create a balanced space, as long as you stick to a simple color palette. Experiment with different textures until you find the perfect fit for your apartment.

5. Place a seat at the end of the bed.

I know this is not the first thing that comes into your mind when you are designing a small space, but believe the photos. Adding a seating at the end of the bed is not only practical, but it also gives you a place to throw your clothes on after a hard day.

It will also change the entire room, making it a lot more stylish. This completely draws away the attention from the size of the room.

6. Keep it all tidy.

Few people still take their time to make the bed nowadays, but if you do make this effort, your one-bedroom apartment is going to look bigger and brighter.

All of the above tricks are worth nothing if your bed looks like a pile of wrinkled sheets.

7. Go green.

Another simple way to keep the space looking amazing is using flowers. A small pot of greenery has the potential to completely change the atmosphere of the house.

Look for plants that can be placed near your bed or couch and find creative ways to position them. For example, a hanging pot with a bright green plant, such as a fern, is going to make your room look like an Instagram-worthy pad.