Death To The Duck Face


Duck face is becoming an epidemic of epic proportion. All over social media you can find it’s victims. Yes, it can be a kinda cute look when you decided to do a silly photo but most of you are not just using it for silly photos.

It’s your standby so you can say you weren’t trying to look good when those new year photos come online. Here are some tips and tricks you need to remember and then maybe you can banish duckface to the dark oblivion it came from.

Know Yourself

Go to your mirror and use it to it’s full potential. You have enough time in the day to spend some quality time with your reflection.Take the time to admire yourself and find your best angles. Models do it in preparation for photo shoots and the general public has the same option. Practice over the shoulder, straight ahead, full body positions like you are taking a photo. I mention these because it is the three categories most of your photos fall into.

Try to give yourself an elongated neck, it is one of the few universal features of beauty. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth. It’s an instant double chin reliever. I’m not saying you have a double chin, it just makes everyone look better.

Know Your Vowels

Say your vowels. Each letter gives you a different facial expression from a smile to a pout. Say “A” loudly and it seems like you are giving a huge smile; say it softly and it changes to a demure smile.

Practice your vowels like you are learning to talk. It will make it remarkably easy to do a pose before your jerk friends snap an atrocious shot for instagram. You may notice that duckface is a hard “O.  Resist it, there is only one “O “you should be having.

Take Photo Of Yourself

You know you have been waiting for a good reason to take a million photos of yourself. Go ahead, you are trying to improve yourself this year. Your eyes have to match with your expression so you need to know how to change it for the angle.

Eyes wide open is hard thing to pull off i.e why you look scared when you are happy. Master the eyes to truly master the face. With that being said, I have to give the most important tip of all.

Censor Yourself

For the love of all that is fashionable and Langerfeld touched, stop settling for crappy photos. Personally I rather have gaps of my existence on this earth than look like I’ve been hit by the fugly flash from hell. Facebook has integrated a system that allows you to banish bad photos with ease.

Instagram may have questionable practices but you can delete that picture where you look like you were possessed. Stop and think about what you are putting online. Fads come and go but the internet is forever. Duckface is ruining your beautiful face. There are better looks to pull off and you can do them!

Celebrities are just normal people with high paying jobs. You can look like them or even better with the right poses. When your memory of the event fades and all you have are those photos, you will have to answer that deep question: Do I always look that bad?

Emem James | Elite.