Dear Jezebel...

by Kaitlyn Cawley

I feel it’s my duty as a (the) female editor at Elite Daily, to respond to any allegations of misogyny within the site’s content as brought on by the recent article featured on Jezebel.

Elite Daily tempts a definition, often enough, of the alpha male. And many times that divide is seen as a cataclysmic effort to charter and re-charter aged and trite definitions of gender boundaries. It’s impossible to deny the male gaze that governs much of the content of Elite and perhaps, that’s most reflective of its audience.

Just as Jezebel speaks to a demographic of charged and empowered women (and men), Elite offers its services to the entrepreneurial, promiscuous mid-20s spirit. I avoid gender stratifications in this respect only because I believe the kernel from which this site has grown (and yes) evolved has slowly begun to diffuse this gender specific gaze.

Elite presents an alpha, but is moving towards a noun that straddles gender positioning. The content is equally reflexive of its writers. Having chosen within your three quotations, excerpts from two separate editorial articles by the same author, I can’t imagine a wild diversity in the opinion that forms it.

And as a woman who often shares feminist disdain at its content, I am able to channel this anger into articles and editorials of my own, which are given equal exposure on the site. And these articles, and a growing number like it, form a reactionary movement to any present tropes of misogyny.

A good portion of Elite’s readership is made up of a proudly reactive movement of women. If you can gather at the comments at the bottom of the page, the beauty of Elite, Jezebel and online publications like them (yes, I’ve grouped us!), are their capacity for response. In fact, in a movement of diversification, Elite has aggregated a selection of self-proclaimed badass bitches that are working towards a holistically separate opinion, within the same Gen-Y vein.

In an effort to paint the site a bully of generalization, with your perusal of articles published within a span of less than a week, you have willfully ignored articles that pose other ends of the spectrum, ones published in the same period of time -- in the wolfish tone of defining all articles “equally as bad,” you have suppressed the point -- in ignoring the other articles the site has to offer, you generalize in much the same way you criticize.

The majority of the editorial pieces offered each day are inspirational and motivational pieces that encourage readers to push against the grain to achieve success in life. As the ‘alpha male’ Elite offers is a self-proclaimed asshole and narcissist, there is rarely a group of people not made upset by its outspoken content. As I’m sure Jezebel is no stranger to ostracizing subject matter itself, Elite, within its verticals, presents offensively satirical, humorous and sometimes straight up laughable content.

It explores news, sports, celebrity, (etc.) with tongue-in-cheek tonality that speak with our generation’s voice. Perhaps you might not agree with some of the messages expressed (nor do I, fully), but take a second to explore, and you will undoubtedly find something with which you do.

I don’t wish to defend the opinions that characterize me as an object (of sexualization, decay or ogling) and it isn’t my goal to reprimand someone who makes much of the same criticisms I echo to the office regularly, so I applaud reaction in any form, and exposure for that matter. But instead of regular insistence on its stupidity, why not give our alternative perspectives readership, or perhaps better, give alternative perspectives writership? And do not diminish us in order to dismiss us.

The majority of Elite’s editorial content is sent in from inspired readers turned writers, if you (and anyone else) prove so disparaged by the content disseminated by the site, I say do something. Say something.

I might prove to be something of an irony to you with my position at Elite Daily (we do insist you drop the definite article), but I was hired precisely for my desire to rebel against the content I scoffed at, and I’ve been given nothing but support in my endeavors. And I’d offer a similar hand to any impassioned readers who wish to dilute the gender boundaries.

Elite Daily is inspired by humor. And you might need a sense of one in order to appreciate it. Because the men (and women) I work with make me laugh regularly and listen to any and all of my opinions and concerns. Because their insistence in sometimes perpetuating silly, sexist boundaries is punctuated with an uncompromising belief in gender equality. Because one man can’t represent the masses. And because good writing makes people talk.

So I should commend you, good sir, on making me talk. And may the conceits of misogyny and gender equality always be a conversation.


Editor's Note: This article has been amended from its original form to remove a paragraph that is consistently taken out of context. Elite Daily has grown and absolutely evolved from the year 2013 to be inclusive of the perspectives of all walks of life, and we're especially proud of its strong, powerful and majority female audience.

Kaitlyn Cawley/kgazm | Elite.