Dear 21-Year-Old Self Seeking A New Beginning In Sunny California

by Danni Renee

You have no idea what is ahead of you.

Now, you must pair faith with some amount of courage to get you up that staircase because your desires are all the way at the top. The unknown is scary, but acting anyway provides lessons about how dreams come to fruition.

Through the trials and tribulations of the past few years, the good and the ugly of making a new place your home, you're here and the only way out is through.

California is sunny and exciting; yet, there's anxiety because you don't ever see the whole staircase. Hold onto that faith and that courage and always remember why you decided to do this. Everything about your decision is a risk and it is the sole reason why I thrive today. Thank you for that.

You're reading this, at home, tired of the daily routine and the status quo to which you've conformed for as long as you can remember. You idealize living on the West Coast, under the palm trees. Sandals and sunglasses in the winter entice you, away from the usual March snow days of the Midwest.

You've painted a reality in which your biggest dilemma will be the sand from the beach in your shoes after lunch break. Well, coastal living costs $4.50 per gallon, Pacific Ocean water is actually so cold and you'll be doing this all by yourself. But, read on and go pack your bags, now.

You will gain weight from too many $2.65 In N Out burgers. Your credit cards will max out because you have nothing more than what you bring with you. You will be poor, so pack wisely.

You will lose touch with your hometown besties, and you will be the new girl. You will be lonely. Dinner at Mom's house now requires a plane ticket, and often, you will ask what you got yourself into.

Today, thanks to you imagining life outside of your hometown, I sit near the Golden Gate Bridge, overlooking the city, feeling a greater connection to the world. I flourish in it because you didn't listen to other people’s objections or your own doubts against your capabilities.

When you relocate while in your 20s, you have nothing to lose and you inject adventure in to your daily routine — whether you decided on California or Kentucky.

You will learn to cure homesickness by being a true explorer. You will learn who your genuine best friends are by who keeps in touch with you. You will find contentment and peace in solitude as the new girl.

You will learn to stretch a dollar. You will learn to say no to anything that doesn't directly contribute to your dream. Best of all, you will acquire new characteristics that no one will be able to take from you.

Life will be more than what you ever imagined it would be when you first entered your 20s. The end product will be a completely different, a more well-rounded person. As long as you protect the reason why you are here, things will fall into place; you already took that first step.

Even though you don't always see the top, keep that faith and you will find yourself closer to the top of your staircase than if you didn't take the first step at all. Pack your bags; your new life awaits.

Photo via We Heart It