5 Completely Ridiculous Reasons You're Still A Travel Virgin

The heat is on, the air conditioner is up, and finals are history.

That means one thing, and one thing only: It's summer!

But it also means your Facebook feed will soon be clogged up with photos of smiling friends cartwheeling down some far off beach paradise without a care in the world.

And you're left firmly behind in the real world as a reluctant travel virgin.

As you continue to scroll through the posts, the desire to experiment will build to an unbearable envy-fueled climax.

But, unable to satisfy your wanderlust longings, you'll be left high and dry and desperate for some action. I hear you. I've been there, too.

My excuse for not doing it? I've had a few. And they always started with "I want to travel, but..."

But, once I banished the "but," it literally blew my mind. So, to spread the love far and wide, and help you lose your travel virginity, here's why you need to drop these five bullsh*t excuses, too:

1. "I don't have enough money."

The travel industry has fed us with lies that you need to save up for months, or even years, for a short trip abroad. But truth is, traveling is not as expensive as you think.

Think outside the box and you can have a great time on as little as $10 a day. Seriously.

You can totally eliminate your accommodation costs by Couchsurfing, and you'd be absolutely amazed by the amount of people who are happy to offer travelers a place to crash for a night or two!

Work exchange projects offered through WorkAway provide travelers with free food, as well as accommodation.

And, with a diverse range of work options available, you'll be able to develop your skills and meet new people off the beaten track.

2. "Haven't you seen the movie, 'Hostel?'"

Let's get this straight: You're not going to die in a hostel. Contrary to society's hysterical screeching, hostels rock.

They are safe, clean and without a doubt, the best places to soak up the vibe of the road.

Hostels are meeting places where you can collect an international repertoire of weird and wonderful friends, and discover more about different cultures, nationalities and idiosyncrasies.

Forget other people's warped opinions and you'll have the time of your life!

3. "I don't have anyone to go with."

This could be a blessing in disguise because solo travel creates the most exciting opportunities to meet like-minded souls who are just like you.

With the amount of people traveling at any one time, I guarantee you won't be alone for long.

During my first solo trip, I built up some crazily irrational fears about walking into a bar alone.

But, within two minutes of actually doing it, I was welcomed with open arms and ended up hanging out with the people I met that night for the rest of my trip.

And what do you really have to lose?

4. "I have a job."

If you hate your job and you're only doing it because you feel you have to, I'd say quit and hit the road.

You have your whole life to get ahead.

One opportunity inevitably leads to another, and traveling may give you the kick you need to pursue something that gets your passion pumping.

Or if you like what you do, you might be able to take it with you.

Across the world, there's a huge digital nomad community of freelance writers, IT whizzes, web developers, journalists and everyone in between.

From behind their laptops, they are creating location-independent lifestyles, which gives them the full freedom to travel and develop their careers at the same time.

5. "I'd miss my boyfriend/girlfriend too much."

This is the killer.

In the throes of love or lust, even a temporary parting with your current squeeze may feel like the end of the world.

But your young years are so precious and will be over within the blink of an eye, so never put off your dreams for someone else.

Remember, relationships during your 20s can pretty volatile, and the person who's got you frothing at the mouth one day can very easily turn into your, "what was I thinking?" the next.

And if it really is true love, he or she will be waiting for you when you get back. Preferably at the airport, with a bunch of roses.

And if he or she is really good, a box of chocolates, too.

And finally...

If that doesn't inspire you to get up and go, I'd like to share something that helped me lose my travel virginity:

"Your 20s are your ‘selfish’ years. It’s a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible. Be selfish with your time, and all the aspects of you. "Tinker with sh*t, travel, explore, love a lot, love a little and never touch the ground." — Kyoko Escamilla