Why We Need To Take Action And Improve Our Environment Before It's Too Late

by Kiona

I read an article recently explaining how it's scientifically proven that humanity is doomed, that we are basically screwed.

After reading the article, which redirects you to a study that shows our current civilization has a severely limited chance of survival, the only thing I could think was, "No sh*t, Sherlock."

There is no doubt in my mind something bad is coming our way -- you don’t need to be a scientist to notice that. To sum it up, anyone who looks a bit beyond or even within their own environment should be able to notice that there are finite resources on this planet.

There's also not enough equal distribution of those resources and, on top of that, an increasing number of natural disasters every year, leaving more people homeless, stranded and with less financial means than ever before.

It’s all eventually coming our way. Many then use this doomed future of ours to unconsciously go ahead and live a YOLO lifestyle, which I confess, I am sometimes a part of.

There is a "but," though, and a big one, according to the article. When giving an explanation as to what causes such a doomed future, the answer may surprise you. No, it’s not the NSA, Lord Business or those damn kids always leavin’ their trash on the ground. It’s us.

It can then be concluded that there is now a serious call to action.

We know that we need to figure out ways to live a life that gives our dear planet Earth and our future generations a bit more space to breathe. However, you and I also both know that we are creatures of habit; change is difficult and for some of you, global warming doesn’t even exist.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t adjust your lifestyle to help improve your immediate environment. There are many small efforts that help the sustainability of this planet that I am sure you've heard about. After doing some research, I found the most popular are the following:


It requires more effort, I know, but it’s healthy, good for your body and a lot less boring than spending minutes in an elevator or in the car. (Apparently, the average American spends 72 minutes a day in the car. Say what now?)


This is also something you hear time and time again, but the bottom line remains the same. More consumption of plastic bags, paper cups, forks and things you use and throw away every day, means more trash that you probably aren't sorting in different recycling bins.

Drinking Tap Water

Many people complain about the quality of tap water without realizing that it's made and processed for drinking. If it really is an issue, it is also very easy to buy a filter and fill that up, instead of paying over a dollar for bottled water that's probably from the same source.

Other Ideas:

There are many other things you can do to be more Earth-friendly, like buying lifelong lightbulbs and using solar-powered gadgets and natural products instead of generic ones.

Life on this planet is not all doom and gloom; it’s what you make of it. People do wasteful things every day, but personally, that is not an excuse for myself to do the same, and it shouldn’t be for you, either.

This doesn’t mean you have to follow each and every single one of the suggestions you find on the Internet, but if we're all a little more conscious, we can make a reverse impact on our deteriorating planet.

Photo via Tree Hugger