When You're Too Baked To Move: The Who's Of Smoking


We all know that smoking with a group of your closest friends on a couch is the best way to get high. However, it turns into a battle over who's the highest and who's going to be the b*tch and get up and turn the TV on. It's like suddenly when you're around other people you can just be high and let everyone else worry about the other stuff.

But that's how everyone is feeling. Suddenly you are all too high to really do anything and everything turns into a battle of who is going to do the next strenuous task that seems almost impossible now that you're baked and already halfway comatose. So here's a list of "the who's" of smoking.

 Who's Cleaning The Bong Water

 Who's Gonna Change The Channel

 Who Has The Lighter?

Who's Going To Kick Out The Kid Who Won't Shut Up

 Who's Going To Get More Bud

 Who's Going To Talk To The Landlord

 Who's Going To Meet The Dealer

 Who's Packing The Next Bowl

 Who's The Highest

 Who's Gonna Air Out The Room

 Who's Hogging The Blunt

 Who's Ordering The Pizza

Who's Answering The Door