20 Of The Best/Worst Things Of Your Mom Being Your Best Friend

Some of us are lucky to have a spectacular mom in our life.

Few of us are even luckier to call her our best friend.

If she is your best friend, chances are likely she's one of the most awesome role models and soulmates you could ever hope to have in your lifetime.

These are some of the best/worst things about mom being your BFF…

1. She teaches and encourages us to work hard and be self-sufficient.

Basically how to bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan.

Hopefully, she’s a good cook!

2. She instills important morals, family values and traditions.

We will most likely embrace these traditions when we are older and wiser. A family obligation smack in the middle of the weekend when we’re young… not so much.

3. She is always 100 percent honest with us, even when we're SO not into the truth.

Having someone who is not afraid to tell us what we need to hear and when we need to hear it is golden.

Beware: Truths can sting.

4. She provides constructive criticism.

Mom leads by example, giving pointers along the way.

She will never hesitate to yell “shark” when we’re splashing in dangerous waters. In fact, she won’t think twice about yelling “shark” even when the water is calm if she deems it necessary.

5. She has no “hidden” agenda, but when there is an agenda, she’ll make it known.

Mom genuinely wants us to be the best version of ourselves, no strings attached. She will usually not hesitate to point out where there is room for improvement.

6. She has lived and learned; we can really benefit from her great experiences… and bad ones, too.

A BFF mom will share it all. She’s dealt with all kinds of friends and situations… the good, the bad and the ugly.

Mom’s got talent, and she’s not afraid to use it.

7. She has wisdom, confidence and intuition beyond her years.

We never actually see them, but a BFF mom has an extra set of eyes and ears located someplace on the back of her head. Oh yeah, she knows what’s going on.

8. She has mastered the look of death and can easily ward off evil spirits better than anyone you know.

It’s great when mom’s giving that look to someone else… not so much when she’s giving it to us.

9. She will be so supportive when we find that special someone who makes our heart go pitter-patter.

That poor someone who we’re really into and she doesn’t like so much? Toast!

10. She has already been there and done that.

Mom’s rocked ripped jeans, palazzo pants, chain belts, mood rings, maxis and jumpsuits. Her “vintage” style from the 80s can make an awesome fashion comeback now... or not.

11. She’s available to gab with or give advice 24/7.

Unless it’s an emergency, try to remember she’s still “mom” and may rarely stay up past midnight anymore.

12. She is the best personal secret keeper and therapist ever.

We can count on mom to give the most awesome advice, for any dilemma. She knows our strengths, weaknesses, vulnerabilities and moods better than anyone. She also has the ability to detect everyone else’s, too!

13. She protects her cubs.

Mom can effortlessly take anyone down like a sniper, should the need arise.

Nobody has our back better than mom… She can easily take someone out and ask questions later!

14. She supports us endlessly, but if we inherit our sweet tooth from her, she is definitely not the best diet companion.

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree sweet tooth issues” will result in planning your entire dinner based around the dessert menu.

15. She is our prime shopping companion and is never afraid to speak her mind.

In fact, a BFF mom doesn’t have to speak; the reaction on her face upon opening the fitting room door says it all.

She has an eye for what looks great on us and what doesn’t. She is usually spot on, and she knows it!

16. She always gives us the honest answers we need to hear.

“Ugggh, I think the girl screwed up my left eyebrow today. It’s not noticeable, is it?”

Mom’s perfect, un-Photoshopped response: “No, it’s fine honey. But you may want to use a pencil to color it in a bit.”

17. She consoles us (complete with tissues, ice cream and wine) after a breakup, letdown or any hurtful situation.

…Then mom will encourage us to get right back up, move on to better things and enjoy the Haagen-Dazs with us like no other. Two scoops, whether you want it or not.

18. She has a built-in, automatic problem indicator.

When we reach out to discuss something we feel is really bad in our life, and she doesn’t seem frazzled by it, there’s good cause to believe we don’t have to be frazzled either.

If the automatic indicator kicks in and she looks concerned, however, we need to be concerned.

19. She has mental telepathy.

It’s like magic; mom has a knack for knowing what we’re going to say before we say it and can sense when something is wrong just by hearing the tone of our voice.

This feature cannot be turned off and works regardless of whether we want to share the news.

20. She loves us unconditionally.

Regardless of a bad hair day, cold germs, no makeup, feeling nauseous or wearing our oldest favorite ripped college sweatshirt and baseball cap.

Mom will never hesitate to cuddle up and sport a bad hair day and baseball cap right by our side through thick and thin.

This amazing and inspiring woman has an endless amount of love and hugs to give and receive, any time -- day or night.

We have a bond with her like no other.

By being a spectacular mom, she has taught us love, loyalty, strength, laughter, friendship, honesty, respect, integrity and so much more.

The fact that mom “gets” us, always knows how to have fun doing just about anything… and happens to be your best friend is an extraordinary gift.

Those of us who have been blessed with that gift are the luckiest gals and guys in the world.

BFF mom is all about team YOU, and mom is truly the MVP.