Why Do People Insist On Using Horrible Grammar On Social Media?


Social media platforms comprise the great communication tool of Gen-Y. We are tech-obsessed youngins who are always armed with some sort of device in our hands — continuously tweeting, Facebooking, creating ridiculous wedding boards on Pinterest and uploading pics to Instagram.

As a Millennial, I am no different with my constant use of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I get to peek into the lives of my peers and sometimes, my peers’ parents (Hey, Mrs. Peterson!).

Alas, there has been an odd occurrence happening and I can't understand why. Maybe it’s just my obsession with proper spelling or my love for words, but, a burning question that’s been percolating in my mind: WTF is up with the weird grammar on social media?

Was our generation raised without having to learn grammar in school? No. I know everyone had to sit quietly in first grade and go through those damn grammar notebooks. You know how I know? Because I had to do it and it sucked.

Big time. I found grammar to be the most enduring subject in my early education — it was actual torture. Yet, it was a necessary evil so I could move forth in life and do things like apply to jobs and write posts like these.

If you are over the age of 11, you should know the difference between "they're, their and there" as well as "too, to and two." U $hould also no that riting lyk this online makes U look like u r s0o0oo0 incompetent (exception to this: if you need some extra letters for a tweet, using "u & r" is NBD and neither are abbrevs).

As a general population, though, why do we still use bad grammar and why Do We Also Capitalize The First Letter Of Every Word In A Sentence?

The capitalization of the first letter of every word in a sentence literally makes zero sense to me. It’s super annoying to write tweets and posts in this fashion on your phone and what the hell is the point? Do you just want to showcase how savvy you are with your capitalization key?

Jaden, as an artist to an artist, nobody will to take you seriously if you tweet like this. Come on son, your dad didn't get out of West Philadelphia for you to tweet like a fool.

It seems like even the most educated people I know can't seem to get a hold of their grammar. It's as if everyone simply woke up one day decided, “Eff grammar. It's stupid. Let’s make it cool to type in a way that makes us look dumb! Yes, I am brilliant."

No, you are not brilliant. Pull your head out of your butt and take pride in your writing skills. Don't be so lazy about it — I dare you to come across as an intelligent human being online. Scratch that, I triple dog dare you to try to use what you were taught to use in elementary school!

Do it.

It is quite a confusing dilemma. If anyone can suggest why we are presenting ourselves to look stupid on the Internet, please explain.

In the meantime, dust off your old grammar slammer book and learn a few things. Otherwise, you'll look pathetic, stupid and uneducated. Grow up. You is smart, I promise.

Top Photo Courtesy: Twitter