15 Situations Every Vegetarian Goes Through On Thanksgiving

"What do you think is in McDoanld's meat? Did you see that commercial? What was the meaning behind it? Is that to help vegetarianism?"

This is just one type of conversation you're sure to experience during Thanksgiving dinner. Since the entire holiday is centered around food, it's really no wonder everyone at the table feels deserving enough to harass you about your diet.


Unfortunately for you, your diet is just about the last thing you want to talk about.

Hell, you'd rather discuss the fact that you're still single than talk about your meal choices.

But nope, you get stuck answering every single question your grandparents have been asking for the past five-plus years.

So, what is Thanksgiving like when you don't even eat turkey? Well...

1. All you enjoy eating are the sides.

Your favorite parts of the meal are most definitely the sweet potatoes and the mashed potatoes because they're the only things that will fill you up.

It's also honestly the only thing you aren't sick of since your only main dish option is...

2. Pasta. The only main dish anyone brings you is pasta.

You aren't sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing because you have absolutely no self-control when portioning out your pasta.

I mean, you're probably the only one eating it, so shouldn't it ALL just be for you?

3. "Do you eat fish?"

Half of your family members don't even understand what a vegetarian is regardless of the fact that you've been one for the past seven Thanksgivings.

4. No one believes you when you say that you're full.

"How could you even be full off that one, measly little portion?"

Little do they know that this is actually three times the amount I normally eat.

5. You end up looking like an assh*le when people forget that you're a vegetarian and dish turkey onto your plate.

As long as you remain the assh*le in this situation and embrace it, you'll get off with an awkward laugh and all will be forgotten.

6. "Do you looove animals?"

"Well, I'm not sure if you noticed my leather boots? Or fur vest? But..."

7. People insinuate the reason you didn't have a date to bring to Thanksgiving dinner is because you're a vegetarian.

"Don't you think if you were a little less high maintenance, you would have a date to bring to dinner?"

Right, because being a vegetarian is a personality flaw...

8. You end up getting significantly more hammered than everyone else at the table.

You aren't stuffed, so you end up getting drunker a lot faster than everyone else -- which is awesome.

9. If you have a significant other, you will forever put up a fight about going to his or her house for Thanksgiving.

It's bad enough dealing with your own family during Thanksgiving; it's an entirely different battle dealing with your SO's family.

This won't even feel like an enjoyable experience, it just feels like an interrogation.

10. People actually think you eat Tofurky.

Abso-f*cking-lutely not.

11. You wish someone would just give you a bowl of brussels sprouts.

These are the most underrated vegetables of all time.

12. ...Or pizza

If only it were socially acceptable to have Domino's delivered to your Thanksgiving table.

13. "Do you get enough protein?"

"Hmm, I've never been asked this before; let me think about that..."

14. You decide this is the year you're going to cook... and you're the only one eating what you've made.

Whatever! More food for ME!

15. People just feel the need to tell you the story of when they tried to be a vegetarian for 13 whole days.

STFU, please. And pass the potatoes, would you?